Audio / Video equipment

At the Music Library we hold many different formats for multimedia items. We have the equipment to either play the item, or to create a viewing copy.

Blue ray machines at the music library

Blue Ray

The library has a publicly availble station with tv screen to view the library's collection of Blue Ray discs, or ones brought in for personal use. No restrictions are placed on this equipment and it is first come first serve.

Laser disc and VHS

The library does still have some very interesting Laser Discs as well as VHS tapes. The equipement to view these media types is publicly acessable and first come first serve.

Compact disc

The library has a listening room with multiple CD players with affixed head phones for listening in the library



Headphones can be borrowed for short term loan from the circulation desk to use with personal devices or computer workstations.


In addition to the publicly accessable equipment listed above, we have the capability of creating "viewing" copies of material on vinyl and audio cassette. Media Commons, in Robarts Library, has the equipment to supplement the needs of our users, including Microfilm readers.