Tour of Cook Music Library, 2nd floor

Keith Cohran, Indiana University, Bloomington

Hello this is Keith Cochran, I'm the Music Collection Development Librarian at Indiana University in Bloomington, and I'm going to be giving you this short tour of the second floor of our music collection.  This video was made by Misty Shaw, a colleague of mine here at the Cook Music Library. She's the Head of Public Services.  We have videos of the first and third floors as well, but I think I will just show you the second floor, because that's where the bulk of the score collection is located.

So I will start the video now.  And you see over here on the right-hand side of the wall are some harps.  There's one down at the end that supposedly belonged to Marie Antoinette.  I'm guessing that's not really true.  These are some carrels that are normally used by students but of course, they're not in use right now because of the Covid situation.  And now we come to the scores stacks.  And you'll see that on many of the ranges, the top and bottom shelves are empty, which means that we still have a fair amount of room for growth.  We're very happy about that.

You see more carrels.  And then you probably can't see this well but on the posts at the end of the ranges, there are descriptions of the types of materials you find within different call numbers.  This was something that was done by public services a few years ago and it's a very helpful feature.  More study carrels.  And now we're coming to the miniature score section.  Again, you can see a fair amount of room for growth that we have.  And then over here on the left-hand side, there are several classrooms, which are normally in use during the semester.  And I'll stop the video here in just a minute.  Yes.  So these classrooms are over on the left hand side are normally used by professors and students in the school of music, particularly the musicology classes.  Alright so that's the end of our tour. And if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them when we meet on Zoom in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for watching.