New collection of electronic scores : Counterpoint Music Library Services

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Trevor Deck, Music & Film Collections Management Librarian

As a part of University of Toronto Libraries’ ongoing commitment to collecting, preserving and disseminating Canadian musical heritage, I am excited to share that we have acquired a new collection of electronic scores from the Toronto-based music publisher, Counterpoint Music Library Services. This collection consists of over 150 scores from many notable Canadian composers, including John Beckwith, Srul Irving Glick, Talivaldis Kenins, Derek Holman and Gary Kulesha. The selections include a range of choral, orchestral, chamber and piano works. 

These scores are available as PDFs through Scholars Portal. You can browse the collection by selecting ‘Counterpoint Scores’ in the ‘Collection’ dropdown menu within the Scholars Portal database, or by searching the keywords "Scholars Portal Books: Counterpoint Music Scores" in LibrarySearch.

Screenshot of Counterpoint Scores on Scholars Portal

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