Working at the Music Library

Author: Tegan Niziol, Graduate Student Library Assistant
27 Aug, 2021

I have worked as a graduate student library assistant (GSLA) at the University of Toronto Music Library for the past five years. I entered the position as a second-year master’s student, and now I am closing the chapter on this remarkable stage in my… read more

Author: William Hunt, Student Library Assistant
26 Aug, 2021

I have worked in the music library as a Student Library Assistant for approximately 4 years now. I find an incredible solitude in this space, whether I am being paid to work or I am doing my own work. There are essentially four different tasks that I… read more

Author: Ness Wong, Student Library Assistant
5 Aug, 2021

On my first day on the job, I was invited to a pizza party with all the staff at the Music Library. It was a quiet and cozy place. Classical music filtered through the back room through someone’s speaker; on the shelf near the large communal table,… read more