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New year, (marginally) new look! Every Monday, we publish a list of recent acquisitions at the Music Library, which we have received, processed, and are ready for you to check out. In addition to this list, we will also be featuring select items each week, all of which are available in our New Arrivals display in the library. This display can be found by the stairs, next to the current periodicals.

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Weekly highlights

Cover of book Noite dos tamboresAlves, Euller. 2020. Noite dos tambores : do fazer ao sentir. São Paulo: Oralituras. [ML3487 .B7 N575 2020]

Catalogue with texts and photos that record the Night of Drums, an event organized by the collective Umoja. Throughout the catalogue, texts that guide the history of the eight years of this manifesto-action in praise and celebration of drumming cultures in Brazil and the world.

Book cover of Living MetalBardine, Bryan Anthony, and Jerome Stueart. 2021. Living Metal : Metal Scenes Around the World. Bristol: Intellect Books. [ML3534 .L58 2021Y]

This collection of thirteen essays is an exploration of metal scenes throughout the world, from Dayton to Hull, from Copenhagen to Osaka. Unique portrayal of how these scenes developed, are experienced by fans, and are influenced by the contexts in which they are embedded. 

Book cover for LaterCooper, Mark, and Jools Holland. 2022. Later...with Jools Holland : 30 Years of Music, Magic and Mayhem. London: William Collins. [ML3492 .C66 2022Y]

This first-hand account of the BBC’s Later… with Jools Holland takes you behind the scenes of one of the world’s great musical meeting places. Legends including Sir Paul McCartney, Mary J. Blige and David Bowie found a regular welcome, alongside the next generation of superstars including Adele, Ed Sheeran and Amy Winehouse....

Book cover of Hey AmericaCosgrove, Stuart. 2022. Hey America! : the Epic Story of Black Music and the White House. Edinburgh: Polygon. [ML3556 .C674 2022Y]

This is the untold story of black music – its triumph over racism, segregation, undercapitalised record labels, media discrimination and political anxiety – told through the perspective of the most powerful office in the world: from Louis Armstrong’s spat with President Eisenhower and Eartha Kitt’s stormy encounter with Lady Bird Johnson to James Brown’s flirtation with Nixon, Reaganomics and the ‘Cop Killer’ scandal.

Book cover of Well of soulsGaddy, K. R., and Rhiannon Giddens. 2022. Well of Souls : Uncovering the Banjo’s Hidden History. New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. [ML1015 .B3 G24 2022X]

An illuminating history of the banjo, revealing its origins at the crossroads of slavery, religion, and music. In an extraordinary story unfolding across two hundred years, Kristina Gaddy uncovers the banjo's key role in Black spirituality, ritual, and rebellion. Through meticulous research in diaries, letters, archives, and art, she traces the banjo's beginnings from the seventeenth century, when enslaved people of African descent created it from gourds or calabashes and wood....

Book cover of Ludwig SenflGasch, Stefan, Sonja Tröster, and Birgit Lodes. 2019. Ludwig Senfl (c.1490-1543) : a Catalogue Raisonné of the Works and Sources. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols. [ML134 .S433 G37 2019]

Until now, scholars have had an inadequate picture of the scope and transmission of the œuvre of Ludwig Senfl (c.1490–1543), one of the most important Renaissance composers of the German-speaking lands. The current publication presents an extraordinary and exceptionally comprehensive catalogue raisonné for this Renaissance composer. 

Book cover of Ton metierJulien, Pauline, Gérald Godin, Jonathan Livernois, and Emmanuelle Germain. 2019. Ton métier, le mien, le Québec : fragments de correspondance amoureuse et politique, 1962-1993. Montréal (Québec): Leméac. [ML420 .J94 A4 2019]

Dix ans après la parution de La renarde et le mal peigné,quatre cents nouvelles lettres échangées entre Gérald Godin (1938-1994) et Pauline Julien (1929-1998) ont été découvertes dans leurs fonds d’archives respectifs. Soixante-dix d’entre elles ont été choisies par Emmanuelle Germain et Jonathan Livernois, dans cette édition qui vient compléter le portrait forgé en 2009. On y retrouvera les débuts de la relation entre le journaliste et la chanteuse, les longues tournées en Europe de Pauline Julien, la maladie de Godin, puis celle, en filigrane, de Julien....

Book cover of Rock we WroclawiuKlimsa, Bogusław, Wiesław Korecki-Sokół, and Tomasz Augustyn. 2016. Rock we Wrocławiu 1959-2000. Wydanie I. Wrocław: Wydawnictwo c2.[ML3534.6 P6 K55 2016]

Book cover of Sounding the pastKügle, Karl. 2020. Sounding the past : music as history and memory. Edited by Karl Kügle. Turnhout: Brepols. [ML240 .S686 2020]

This volume offers the first systematic exploration of the past as manifested in music of the later Middle Ages and the early modern period. It takes the reader on a journey of discovery across the continent, from the genesis of a new sense of a musical past in early thirteenth-century Paris to the complex and diverse roles and pedigrees given music of the past in sources, media, genres, communities, and regions in the Age of Reformations.

Book cover of The drum is a wild womanLespinasse, Patricia G. 2022. The Drum Is a Wild Woman : Jazz and Gender in African Diaspora Literature. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi. [ML3506 .L46 2022X]

In 1957, Duke Ellington released the influential album A Drum Is a Woman. This musical allegory revealed the implicit truth about the role of women in jazz discourse-jilted by the musician and replaced by the drum. Further, the album's cover displays an image of a woman sitting atop a drum, depicting the way in which the drum literally obscures the female body, turning the subject into an object. This objectification of women leads to a critical reading of the role of women in jazz music: If the drum can take the place of a woman, then a woman can also take the place of a drum....

Book cover of Renegade SnaresMurphy, Ben, and Loben Carl. 2021. Renegade Snares : the Resistance and Resilience of Drum and Bass. London: Jawbone Press. [ML3540.5 .M87 2021Y]

Renegade Snares is the definitive book on drum & bass music. Pieced together using original interviews conducted with all the scene’s main players, it traces the history of jungle/drum & bass from its early roots in soundsystem culture and rave music right through to the present day.

Book cover of Audiovisual constructionsNikolaeva, Olga. 2019. Audiovisual Constructions : Material Interrelations in Live Rock Performances. Göteborg: University of Gothenburg. [ML3534 .N55 2019]

This dissertation examines and analyzes the material interrelations in audiovisual constructions of live rock performances. It explores the interrelations that take place among four key modes of a live rock performance’s material modality, namely: the musicians’ bodies, screens, screen visuals, and sounds.

Book cover of Sounds of migrationRonström, Owe, and Dan Lundberg. 2021. Sounds of Migration : Music and Migration in the Nordic Countries. Uppsala: The Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy for Swedish Folk Culture. [ML310 .S68 2021]

Nordic ethnomusicological research on the significance and meaning of music for migrants, minorities and ethnic groups began in the 1980's. In response to the increased migration to Europe in the last years, not least to the Nordic region, the field has gained renewed interest. In 2019 Nordic ethnomusicologists met to discuss how their earlier results could inspire and enrich today's research. In the studies here presented, music is analyzed both on its own terms and as a window to cultural and social issues in society at large: ethnicity and diversity, the importance of institutions, space and place, music as representation and social catalyst. Throughout, the main question concerns the role of music for migrants in the (re)construction of a coherent lifeworld in the new country.

Book cover of So that the soul would dance in youSavijoki, Jukka. 2019. “So That the Soul Would Dance in You” : the Guitar in Finland before the Twentieth Century. Helsinki: Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki. [ML1015 .G9 S28 2019]

The present book is a study of the guitar's history in Finland prior to the twentieth century, a subject that has not been researched before. Each chapter of the book centres around a specific theme, starting with early plucked instruments in Finland and the beginnings of Finnish guitar culture. The chapters that follow introduce the country's first amateur guitarists, prominent figures in music, literature and the fine arts among them, and discuss the public performance culture of the guitar, the sale of its music and the manufacture and distribution of guitar strings....

Book cover of Heavy metal music in ArgentinaScaricaciottoli, Emiliano, Nelson Varas Díaz, Daniel Nevárez Araújo, and Juan Manuel López Baio. 2020. Heavy Metal Music in Argentina : in Black We Are Seen. Translated by Juan Manuel López Baio. Second edition. Bristol, UK ;: Intellect. [ML3534.6 .A7 H43 2020Y]

This edited collection is an interdisciplinary study of heavy metal culture in Argentina between 1983 and 2002. Contributors address the music's rituals, circulations, cultural products, lyrics and intertexts, allowing readers to rethink the place of national heavy metal within Argentinean politics and economics, after the end of the dictatorship.

Book cover of The Three Apostles of Russian MusicTassie, Gregor. 2022. The Three Apostles of Russian Music : the Soviet Avant-Garde. Lanham: Lexington Books. [ML300.5 .Y39 2022X]

Gregor Tassie studies the lives, work, and legacy of three musicians who were trail-blazers in the Soviet avant-garde and led modernist music in the 1920s. Mosolov, Popov, and Roslavets were popular composers who have been unfortunately forgotten. This book is the first study in English of their legacy.

Book cover of Ted TemplemanTempleman, Ted, and Greg Renoff. 2020. Ted Templeman : a Platinum Producer’s Life in Music. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: ECW Press. [ML429 .T42 A3 2020]

This autobiography (as told to Greg Renoff) recounts Templeman's remarkable life from child jazz phenom in Santa Cruz, California, in the 1950s to Grammy-winning music executive during the '70s and '80s. Along the way, Ted details his late '60s stint as an unlikely star with the sunshine pop outfit Harpers Bizarre and his grind-it-out days as a Warner Bros. tape listener, including the life-altering moment that launched his career as a producer: his discovery of the Doobie Brothers....

Book cover of The Music of Joachim RaffThomas, Mark. 2021. The Music of Joachim Raff : an Illustrated Catalogue = Die Musik Joachim Raffs : Ein Illustriertes Werkverzeichnis. Stuttgart: Edition Nordstern Musikverlag. [ML134 .R13 T47 2021]

A complete listing of the works of Raff, illustrated by facsimiles of the covers of the original publications. Includes a preface, short biography, and guide to the catalogue; appendices include numerous supplementary lists.


Descriptions for each item provided by the publisher and/or from the catalogue description.

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  • CD 76596 — Highlights / Liona Boyd.
  • CD 76597 — Intimate baroque.
  • CD 76598 — Quintette en fa mineur, opus 34 pour piano et cordes (1864) / Johannes Brahms. Quatuor no. 3 en la mineur (1926) / Erno Dohnanyi.
  • CD 76599 — Thought and desire / music by Linda Catlin Smith ; Eve Egoyan, piano.
  • CD 76600 — The passage / Andy Narell and Calypsociation.
  • CD 76601 — Sacred reflections of Canada : a Canadian mass / Canadian Chamber Choir = Reflets de musique sacrée du Canada : une messe Canadienne / Chœur de Chambre du Canada.
  • CD 76602 — Rumores de la caleta : Albéniz & le flamenco.
  • CD 76603 — Albanian flowers : songs from Albania and Kosovo.
  • CD 76604-76605 — Distant voices : Piano music / by Claude Debussy and Gao Ping.
  • CD 76606 — Rencontre jazz et classique / Bernard Primeau Montréal Jazz Ensemble, Les Violons du roy
  • CD 76607 — New Cuban express : NCE / Manuel Valera.
  • CD 76608 — Glass houses for marimba / Taktus ; Ann Southam.
  • CD 76609-76612 — Six suites for unaccompanied cello / Bach.
  • CD 76613-76614 — Naranja ha / Aeroplane Trio.
  • CD 76615-76616 — Inspired Sound : an anthology of recorded works / by the Banff Centre's Music & Sound Program.
  • CD 76617 — Elk sonata.
  • CD 76618 — Sleep furiously / Lisa Miller Octet.
  • CD 76619 — Martin Arnold : Aberrare.
  • CD 76620 — Presenting Chronos Vocal Ensemble.
  • CD 76621 — Mendelssohn's Te Deum / Luminous Voices ; Timothy Shantz, artisitic director ; featuring Patricia Thompson, mezzo-soprano ; Cheryl Emery, piano ; Neil Cockburn, organ.
  • CD 76622-76625 — Les introuvables d'Igor Markevitch.
  • CD 76626 — Live in Baden Switzerland / Oliver Jones.
  • CD 76627 — Marilyn Horne.
  • CD 76628 — Hemlock / Ratchet Orchestra.
  • CD 76629 — Mirella Freni & Renata Scotto.

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  • M2 .E12 v.62 — Fragments of English polyphonic music c. 1390-1475 : a facsimile edition / edited with an introduction by Margaret Bent & Andrew Wathey.
  • M7 .K34 E37 2019 — Early works : for organ / Leif Kayser.
  • M11 .K33 K57 2019 — Kirkeruder : (1975) : for organ / Leif Kayser.
  • M11 .K33 R37 2019 — Requiem : 11 meditations : for organ : (1955-58) / Leif Kayser.
  • M23 .B414 op.106 2019 — Grande Sonate : in B für Klavier : op. 106 = in B-flat major for pianoforte / Beethoven ; herausgegeben von Jonathan Del Mar = edited by Jonathan Del Mar.
  • M184 .P27 N6 2013 — Nocturnus I : for flugelhorn and organ, 2013 / Richard Pantcheff.
  • M220 .S343 op.82 2021 — Suite für Violine und Klavier : op. 82 / Thomas Daniel Schlee.
  • M242 .T887 S6 2018 — Sonata for flute and piano / Tuomas Turriago.
  • M250 .L565 B7 2019 — Buster! : Caprice for clarinet and piano / Kirmo Lintinen.
  • M269 .T885 S6 2018 — Sonata for alto saxophone and piano : Gravity groove (2018) / Tuomas Turriago.
  • M289 .M27 S6 2020 — Sonatina for two clarinets : 1957 / Ursula Mamlok.
  • M293 .B73 D7 2020 — A Dream, Driven : Op.115 / David Braid.
  • M293 .D82 op.32a 2020 — Badinerie : op.32a / John W. Duarte ; revised and fingered by Antonio De Innocentis.
  • M295 .P24 op.39 2020 — Grande sonata : a chitarra sola con l'accompagnamento di violino, M.S. 3 / Niccolò Paganini ; edited and fingered by Riccardo del Prete ; foreword by Danilo Prefumo.
  • M295 .P24 A5 2020 — Trois airs variés : for violin and guitar / Nicolò Paganini ; Urtext edition and realisation of the guitar part by Italo Vescovo.
  • M295 .P256 N6 2014 — Nocturnus II : for solo violin and solo harp, 2014 / Richard Pantcheff.
  • M298 .D28 L2 2018 — Labyrinth of light : for harp & marimba / Nathan Daughtrey.
  • M298 .O888 P59 2019 — Pixação : pour basson et percussion / A. Ouzounoff.
  • M312 .L661 P3 2019 — Patikka : for violin, violoncello and piano / Kirmo Lintinen.
  • M312 .P72 B465 2020 — Trio in F-Dur für Violine, Violoncello und Klavier, B. 465 = Trio in F major, for violin, cello, and piano / Ignaz Joseph Pleyel ; herausgegeben von John F. und Virginia F. Strauss.
  • M362 .B38 op.1 no.2 2017 — Trio Nr. 2 für 2 Flöten und Violoncello oder Fagott / J. C. Baumberg ; herausgegeben von Wolfgang Kossack.
  • M385 .B72 S6 2021 — Songs & melodies : für zwei Klarinetten in B (2. auch Bassetthorn) und Akkordeon : (2018) / Nikolaus Brass.
  • M512 .S65 G7 2013 — Grave dance : piano and strings / Ezra Sims.
  • M785 .G86 S68 2018 — Sound from Tibet : septet for wind instruments, op. 34 (2001) / Guo Wenjing.
  • M985 .L484 L4 2018 — Lebenslieder. Daybreak : version for chamber ensemble, 2018 / Andrew Lewis.
  • M985 .L484 L43 2018 — Lebenslieder. Nachtmusik : version for chamber ensemble : 2018 / Andrew Lewis.
  • M1001 .D97 no.9 2019 — Symphony no. 9 in E minor : "From the New World" : op. 95 / Dvorák ; edited by Jonathan Del Mar.
  • M1001 .G926 S9 2018 — Symphony / Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen.
  • M1010 .L45 op.25 2021 — Fantasie op. 25, für Klavier mit Orchesterbegleitung = for piano with orchestra / Luise Adolpha Le Beau.
  • M1012 .D32 L67 2018 — The lost art of letter writing : for violin and orchestra (2006) / Brett Dean.
  • M1029 .H485 no.1 2021 — Concerto Nr. 1 Es-Dur für 2 Hörner und Orchester / Johann Nepomuk Hiebesch
  • M1029 .H485 no.2 2021 — Concerto Nr. 2 Es-Dur für 2 Hörner und Orchester / Johann Nepomuk Hiebesch.
  • M1040 .R628 D6 2018 — 1. Doppelgesang : für Viola, Violoncello und Orchester : (1980) / Wolfgang Rihm.
  • M1040 .R628 D62 2018 — 2. Doppelgesang : für Klarinette, Violoncello und Orchester (1981) / Wolfgang Rihm.
  • M1112 .V59 op.4 2019 Bd. 1 — La Stravaganza : twelve concertos for violin, strings and basso continuo : op. 4 / Vivaldi ; edited by Bettina Schwemer.
  • M1117 .V59 RV531 2021 — Concerto in G minor for two violoncellos, strings and basso continuo, RV 531 / Vivaldi ; edited by Bettina Schwemer ; piano reduction based on the Urtext by Martin Schelhaas.
  • M1205 .R78 C6 2017 — Concerto for piano & wind orchestra : (2017) / Edwin Roxburgh.
  • M1495 .C77 1986 v.24 pt.14 — Gloria in re maggiore per coro, soli e orchestra, 1733-1745 / Francescantonio Vallotti OFM Conv. ; introduzione e trascrizione di Roberto Frigato.
  • M1495 .C77 1986 v.24 pt.25 — Gloria in excelsis Deo : in re maggiore a 4 voci con strumenti (1728-1761) / Francescantonio Vallotti OFM Conv. ; introduzione e trascrizione di Roberto Frigato.
  • M1500 .T49 A52 2020 — Antigonē = Antigone : opera in two acts : (1994-1996) / Mikis Theodorakis ; libretto based on texts by Aischylos, Sophokles and Euripides by the composer.
  • M1515 .Z46 C96 2018 — Cymbeline-Suite : aus der Bühnenmusik zu "Cymbeline" von William Shakespeare, 1913-1915 / Alexander Zemlinsky ; herausgegeben von Antony Beaumont.
  • M1529.5 .F7 H49 2018 — Herzstück : per ensemble vocale : (2012) / Luca Francesconi ; on the original text by Heiner Müller.
  • M1530 .M55 E73 2019 — Die erste Walpurgisnacht : op. 60, MWV D3 : Ballade für Chor und Orchester / Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy ; poem by Goethe ; edited by R. Larry Todd.
  • M1531 .F86 U4 2018 — Ultimi cori : für gemischten Chor und 3 Schlagzeugspieler : (1987) / Beat Furrer.
  • M1625 .P56 A5 2021 — Animal ditties I : (1978/2021) : for trumpet, narrator & piano / Anthony Plog.
  • M1757.18 .Z38 K83 2019 — Kuda ukhodit detstvo... : pesni iz repertuara Ally Pugachëvoĭ na stikhi Leonida Derbenëva : dli͡a golosa v soprovozhdenii fortepiano / Aleksandr Zat︠s︡epin.
  • M2000 .B34 C5 2019 — Christus am Ölberge : Oratorium = The Mount of Olives : oratorio : soli, coro ed orchestra : op. 85 / Ludwig van Beethoven ; herausgegeben von Clemens Harasim.
  • M2010 .B43 op.123 2019 — Missa solemnis : op. 123 / Beethoven ; herausgegeben von Barry Cooper = edited by Barry Cooper.
  • M2013 .B4 op.123 2019 — Missa solemnis : op. 123 / Beethoven ; edited by Barry Cooper ; Piano reduction by Andrea Campora.
  • M2082 .R88 2015 v.2 — Russkai͡a dukhovnai͡a muzyka ėpokhi klassit͡sizma / rekonstrukt͡sii͡a i redakt͡sii͡a Antona Viskova. Shestnadt͡satʹ dukhovnykh khorovykh kont͡sertov kont͡sa XVIII-nachala XIX veka : iz sobranii͡a Rossiĭskogo nat͡sionalʹnogo muzei͡a muzyki
  • M2112 .K87 L4 2020 — Lesbii modi : Geistliche Konzerte für eine Singstimme & Orgel / Joh. Kyrzinger ; herausgegeben von Karl Friedrich Wagner.

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  • ML128 .B3 A24 2019 — Kompozitory Dagestana na rubezhe XX-XXI vekov : stilevye kharakteristiki, tvorcheskie portrety / Ė. B. Abdullaeva.
  • ML128 .W7 A87 2020 — Lia de Itamaracá : nas rodas da cultura popular / Michelle de Assumpção.
  • ML134 .S433 G37 2019 v.2 — Ludwig Senfl (c.1490-1543) : a catalogue raisonné of the works and sources / Stefan Gasch & Sonja Tröster. Catalog of the Sources, Abbreviations, Bibliography, Indexes.
  • ML300.4 .S476 2019 — Statʹi o russkoĭ muzyke / A.N. Serov.
  • ML300.5 .R67 2020 — Rossiĭsko-britanskiĭ kulʹturnyĭ dialog : russkai︠a︡ muzyka v Velikobritanii - britanskai︠a︡ muzyka v Rossii
  • ML315.7 .A52 H33 2018 — De la civilisation musicale andalouse / Tedjini Haddam.
  • ML410 .B47 B75 2019 — Alban Berg au miroir de ses œuvres / Élisabeth Brisson.
  • ML410 .D9544 A5 2019 — L'espace des possibles : écrits et entretiens (1986-2018) / Frédéric Durieux ; Laurent Feneyrou.
  • ML410 .T186 H43 2020 — Heart's ease : spirituality in the music of John Tavener / edited by June Boyce-Tillman, Anne-Marie Forbes.
  • ML417 .C448 P36 2018 — Vazha Chachava : artist i uchitelʹ / Avtor--sostavitelʹ Alekseĭ Parin.
  • ML417 .F426 O87 2018 — Kont︠s︡ert dlinoi︠u︡ v zhiznʹ : Galina Fëdorova -- sluzhenie iskusstvu : issledovatelʹskiĭ ocherk / G.P. Ovsi︠a︡nkina.
  • ML410 .N74 V47 2019 — Veri︠u︡ v tebi︠a︡ Rossii︠a︡ ... : kniga o zhizni i tvorchestve kompozitora I︠U︡.V. Nikolaeva / sostavlenie toma A. I︠U︡. Nikolaeva, redaktor L.L. Tumarinson.
  • ML420 .G247 R45 2017 — Gardel : mito y falsificación / Norberto Ignacio Regueira.
  • ML420 .J94 A4 2019 — Ton métier, le mien, le Québec : fragments de correspondance amoureuse et politique, 1962-1993 / Pauline Julien, Gérald Godin ; présentation, choix des lettres et notes par Emmanuelle Germain et Jonathan Livernois ; avec une postface de Pascale Galipeau.
  • ML420 .L833 A3 2020 — 60 anos a mil : 2010-2020 / Lobão.
  • ML429 .T42 A3 2020 — Ted Templeman : a platinum producer's life in music / Ted Templeman as told to Greg Renoff.
  • ML455 .F37 2018 — Fare strumento : composizione, invenzione del suono e nuova liuteria / a cura di Gabriele Manca e Luigi Manfrin.
  • ML3509 .S48 P363 2017Y — 20 godina Pančevačkog jazz festivala / urednik, Vojislav Pantić.
  • ML3534.6 .A7 D46 2016 v.1 — 50 años rock : 50 bandas argentinas fundamentales / Miguel Dente, Daniel Gaguine, Matías Recis.
  • ML3549 .B53 2018 — La cumbia como matriz sonora de Latinoamérica : identidad y cultura continental / Darío Blanco Arboleda.
  • ML3575 .C77 A753 2019 — Las cantadoras de Marialabaja: expresión de resistencia y libertad en el Caribe colombiano / Liliana Atencia Gil.
  • ML3760 .B57 2015 — al-Ghināʼ al-Ḥassānī bayna al-tanẓīm wa-al-tilqāʼīyah / ʻAzzah Bayrūk.
  • ML3790 .A135 2019 — 30 años de la industria musical Chilena (1988-2018) : reflexiones y testimonios / edición, Simón Palominos
  • ML3849 .B68 2017 v.2 — Le parler de la musique / Jacques Bouveresse. La musique chez les Wittgenstein
  • ML3917 .I8 G55 2019 — Musiques dans l'Italie fasciste / Charlotte Ginot-Slacik et Michela Niccolai.

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