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Weekly highlights

Cover of book MeasureMoskovitz, Marc. 2022. Measure : in Pursuit of Musical Time. Suffolk: The Boydell Press. [ML437 .M67 2022Y]

The book opens with an exploration of musical time keeping as expressed in the artwork and musical writing of the Renaissance, sources that inform our early understanding of an age when music making was bound up with motions of the body and the pulsing of the human heart. With the adoption of the simple pendulum and the subsequent incorporation of tempo-related language, musicians gained the ability to communicate concepts of speed and slowness with ever-increasing precision. The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries witnessed the development of a diverse array of musical time-keeping devices, yet it was not until the nineteenth century that a single device combined the critical elements of accuracy, functionality and affordability....

Book cover of Goodnight BoogieRogers, Matt, and Dan Auerbach. 2022. Goodnight Boogie : a Tale of Guns, Wolves & the Blues of Hound Dog Taylor. New York: BMG. [ML410 .T39 64 2022Y]

Hound Dog Taylor made guitars howl and hips shake. A founding father of lo-fi blues rock--that gritty, stripped-down sound played on cheap guitars with no bass--Taylor and his band The HouseRockers played loud, wild gut-bucket boogie that was raw and ferocious, earning them a reputation as "The Ramones of the blues." ...From drunkenly slicing off his sixth finger with a straight razor, to becoming the artist whose music launched the now-legendary Alligator Records, Goodnight Boogie is the first in-depth biographical study of the Blues Hall of Famer whose life was as compelling as his music. This is the story of a brilliant and unforgettably original musician who struggled for success while fighting to survive. 

Book cover for Folk and songs in Japan and beyondHughes, David W., Matt Gillan, Kiku Day, Patrick Huang, and David W. (David Weirick) Hughes. 2022. Folk and Songs in Japan and Beyond : Ethnomusicological Essays in Honour of David W. Hughes. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. [ML3750 .F65 2022Y]

This volume of essays and research papers is dedicated to David Hughes in honour of his contribution to research, teaching and dissemination of the music of Japan, South-East Asia, and other countries over many years. Dr Hughes’ academic output from the 1970s to the present has covered many aspects of Japanese traditional music-making, in particular the min'yō (folk song) genre of which he remains the primary scholar outside Japan....The contributors to this volume comprise many of David’s former students, as well as scholars from Japan and elsewhere with whom Dr Hughes has collaborated over the years. The papers reflect the depth and breadth of Hughes’ research output, demonstrating his continuing influence over ethnomusicologists around the world.

Book cover of Introduction to Research MethodsPajo, Bora. 2023. Introduction to Research Methods : a Hands-on Approach. Second edition. Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE Publications, Inc. [H62 .P235 2023Y]

The Second Edition of Introduction to Research Methods: A Hands-On Approach by Bora Pajo continues to make research easy to understand and easy to construct. Covering both quantitative and qualitative methods, this new edition lays out the differences between research approaches so readers can better understand when and how to use each research design....

Book cover of A performer's guide to the piano music of Samuel AdlerGowen, Bradford. 2022. A Performer’s Guide to the Piano Music of Samuel Adler. Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press. [MT145 .A35 G69 2022X]

American composer Samuel Adler has composed a huge and multi-faceted body of works ranging from symphonies, concertos, and oratorios to solos for every standard Western instrument, to a rich trove of vocal and choral music, to pieces for students. Among them, encompassing his compositional life of some seventy years, is an array of works for the piano: three concertos; fifteen solo pieces and sets of pieces; a sonata for two pianos; and four volumes of music for beginning and intermediate players. Bradford Gowen writes about each of these works with the knowledge of one who has studied, performed, and recorded Adler's piano music and has previously written about it....

Book cover of Partnership in musicMarchwiński, Jerzy. 2019. Partnership in Music : Reflections on Teaching Partnership. Translated by Katarzyna Przybyś-Preiskorn. Warsaw: Wydawnictwa Drugie. [MT1 .M1528313 2019]

Professor Marchwiński developed the concept of partnership discussed at length in his essay "Partnership in Music" in the course of his long artistic and teaching career, yet his idea goes beyond the realm of music. The author postulates the equality of the chamber and solo pianists' status, emphasizing the need for the partnership of performers of various music works, such as Brahms songs or of Beethoven's sonatas for piano and violin. His concepts may be an inspiration for educators, music promoters, artist and - last but not least - the audience. The essay is also a moving praise of equal relations in personal and social life.

Book cover of Perfect Italian Diction for SingersCheek, Timothy, Anna Toccafondi, Lawrence Brownlee, and Thomas Hampson. 2022. Perfect Italian Diction for Singers : an Authoritative Guide. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield. [MT845 .C44 2022Y]

Perfect Italian Diction for Singers: An Authoritative Guide provides the steps and tools for singing beautifully and expressively in this language. Timothy Cheek and Anna Toccafondi systematically home in on the essential features of the most beautiful Italian, pitfalls of non-native singers, and how to overcome those issues. In addition to delving to the heart of Italian sounds and inflection, they present controversies, misconceptions, and various approaches--often conflicting--that have arisen throughout the last century....

Book cover of Play all nightBeatty, Bob. 2022. Play All Night! : Duane Allman and the Journey to Fillmore East. Gainesville: University Press of Florida. [ML419 .A565 B43 2022Y]

The origin story of a groundbreaking album. The 1971 Allman Brothers Band album At Fillmore East was a musical manifesto years in the making. In Play All Night!, Bob Beatty dives deep into the motivations and musical background of band founder Duane Allman to tell the story of what made this album not just a smash hit, but one of the most important live rock albums in history. Featuring insights from bootleg tapes, radio ads, early reviews, never-before-published photos, and the memories of band members, fans, and friends, Beatty chronicles how Allman rejected the traditional route of music business success--hit singles and record sales--and built a band that was at its best jamming live on stage, feeding off the crowd's energy, and pushing each other to new heights of virtuosic improvisation. 

Book cover of Musiques polyphoniquesVon Roden, Alain. 2018. Musiques polyphoniques d’art contrapuntique : années 1180-1530 : informations sur les compositeurs et leurs oeuvres vocales et instrumentales. Paris: L’Harmattan. [ML466 .V66 2018]

Les musiques polyphoniques d'art contrapuntique, composées entre 1180 et 1530 environ, correspondent exactement à la naissance, à partir des musiques monodiques, de l'art musical de l'Europe, incluant aussi la Russie et les Amériques. Ces musiques polyphoniques naissent dans les cathédrales gothiques "franciennes" ("opus francigenum") à partir des XIIe-XIIIe siècles, en résonance harmonique, en référence aux dites "combinatoire des nombres" de Pythagore, inspirateur de Platon, notamment. Ces musiques polyphoniques synthétisent la puissance et l'élégance, tant mathématique que littéraire, et elles s'adressent de façon très harmonieuse aux trois cortex cérébraux décryptés par la neurobiologie actuelle, expliquant vraisemblablement, de façon tant artistique que scientifique, l'extrême joie culturelle des mélomanes intéressés par ces musiques "magiques".

Book cover of The Reel WorldRona, Jeff, and Peter Golub. 2022. The Reel World : Scoring for Pictures, Television, and Video Games. Third edition. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield. [MT64 .M65 R66 2022X]

This fully updated and complete guide takes you inside the world of creating music for film, television, and-unique to this edition-video games. It addresses a wide range of topics including musical aesthetics, cutting-edge technology and techniques, and current business aspects. Also included are interviews with leading industry professionals.

Book cover of Jean Cras, Polymath of Music and Letters.Bempéchat, Paul-André. 2022. Jean Cras, Polymath of Music and Letters. Second edition. Berlin: Peter Lang. [ML410 .C8717 B46 2022]

This revised, enhanced edition of the life and works of composer and Admiral Jean Cras traces, through new research, the remarkable career of this celebrated composer, decorated war hero, scientist and inventor. As Henri Duparc's only protégé, his "spiritual son" enjoyed the same level of esteem during the 1920s as his friends Ravel and Roussel. This edition sustains the renaissance of Jean Cras, and includes a new chapter devoted to the composer's early songs, to be released concurrently.

Book cover of Daniels' orchestral music.Daniels, David, David Rahbee, David W. Oertel, and David W. (David William) Oertel. 2022. Daniels’ Orchestral Music. Sixth edition. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield. [ML127 .O5 D3 2022X]

Daniels' Orchestral Music is the gold standard reference for conductors, music programmers, librarians, and any other music professional researching an orchestral program. This sixth edition, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the original work, includes over 14,000 entries with a vast number of new listings and updates.

Book cover of Muzykalʹnai͡a pisʹmennostʹ khristianskogo miraStarikova, I. V. 2017. “Muzykalʹnai͡a pisʹmennostʹ khristianskogo mira : Knigi. Notat͡sii͡a. Problemy interpretat͡sii : (k 150-letii͡u Moskovskoĭ konservatorii) : sbornik stateĭ : Materialy mezhdunarodnoĭ nauchnoĭ konferent͡sii 12-17 mai͡a 2014 goda.” Moskva: Nauchno-izdatelʹskiĭ t͡sentr “Moskovskai͡a konservatorii͡a.” [ML174 .M98 2014]

The seventh issue of the "Hymnology" series contains articles by the participants of the conference "Musical writing of the Christian world: Books. Notation. Problems of Interpretation”, which took place on May 12–17, 2014 at the Moscow State Conservatory.

Book cover of Schumann Briefedition.Schumann, Robert, Carlos Lozano Fernandez, Eberhard Möller, Michael Heinemann, Kristin R. M. Krahe, Katrin Reyersbach, Renate Brunner, et al. 2008. Schumann Briefedition. Köln: Dohr. [ML410 .S4 A4 2008]

Die Schumann-Briefedition wählt eine nach Korrespondenzpartnern geordnete Anlage, wobei jeweils der gesamte Briefwechsel mit abgesandten und empfangenen Briefen ediert wird. Durch dieses Konzept einer Korrespondenzausgabe, bei der auch die Briefe an Robert und Clara Schumann eingeschlossen sind, erhält das Projekt eine grundsätzliche Bedeutung für die gesamte Musik- und Kulturgeschichte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Da die Korrespondenzen Robert und Clara Schumanns oft eng ineinander greifen, wurde auf eine Aufteilung in separate Reihen verzichtet. In Bezug auf Robert Schumann wird eine Gesamtausgabe sämtlicher überlieferter Briefe, die von ihm geschrieben oder empfangen wurden, angestrebt. In Bezug auf Clara Schumann erfolgt eine Komplettedition von Briefwechseln mit ausgewählten Korrespondenzpartnern. Die ausführlichen Kommentare folgen den einzelnen Briefen, außerdem erhält jeder Brief einen textkritischen Apparat.

Book cover of Zabytai͡a melodii͡aBelonogova, V. I͡U. (Valerii͡a I͡Urʹevna). 2016. Zabytai͡a melodii͡a : zhiznʹ i trudy Aleksandra Ulybysheva. Nizhniĭ Novgorod: Izdatelʹstvo “Kvart͡s.” [ML423 .U49 B45 2016]

Книга кандидата филологических наук Валерии Белоноговой посвящена судьбе известного музыкального критика первой половины XIX века, автора первого в Европе фундаментального исследования о Моцарте, писателя, драматурга и публициста Александра Дмитриевича Улыбышева, жизнь которого тесно связана с Нижним Новгородом. Книга приурочена к 260-летию великого Моцарта, одним из первых биографов и толкователей которого был А.Д. Улыбышев, и предназначена для всех, кто любит русскую культуру и ценит ее вклад в сокровищницу мировой музыки и литературы.

Descriptions for each item provided by the publisher and/or from the catalogue description.

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  • CD 76630-76631 — Constantin Silvestri.
  • CD 76632 — Concerto no. 5 in E-flat, op. 73 : "Emperor" ; Polonaise in C, op. 89 ; Choral fantasia in C minor, op. 80 / Beethoven.
  • CD 76633-76635 — Svetlanov conducts the symphonies of Johannes Brahms / J. Brahms.
  • CD 76636 — Yehudi Menuhin : a portrait of the artist as a young man : Lord Menuhin remembers the recordings of "Master Yehudi."
  • CD 76637 — Concerto in D major for piano & orchestra : arr. from The violin concerto, op. 61 / Beethoven. Concerto in D major for keyboard & strings, BWV 1054 / Bach.
  • CD 76638 — Sonata no. 32, op. 111 / Beethoven. Sonata no. 5 / Galuppi. Sonatas, Kk11, Kk159 & Kk322 / Scarlatti.
  • CD 76639 — Konzert für Klavier und Orchester, no. 1, op. 15 ; Klaviersonate, no. 4, op. 7 / Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • CD 76640 — Symphonie no. 4, op. 90, "Italienische" / Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. Alt-Rhapsodie, op. 53 / Johannes Brahms. Violinromanze, no. 1, op. 40 / Ludwig van Beethoven. Der fliegende Holländer - Ouverture / Richard Wagner.
  • CD 76641 — Symphony no. 1 in C minor, op. 68 ; Hungarian dances no. 1 in G minor, no. 3 in F, no. 10 in F / Johannes Brahms.
  • CD 76642 — Orchestral music [sound recording] / Richard Wagner.
  • CD 76643 — Albert Coates conducts a Russian festival.
  • CD 76644 — Symphonie no. 2, B-Dur, D 125 / Franz Schubert. Ein Heldenleben : op. 40 / Richard Strauss.
  • CD 76645 — Piano concerto no. 3 in C minor, op. 37 ; Piano concerto no. 4 in G, op. 58 / Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • CD 76646 — Pictures at an exhibition / Modest Moussorgsky. Vexilla regis prodeunt ; Années de pèlerinage, troisième année. Sursum corda ; Weihnachtsbaum. Abendglocken ; Harmonies poétiques et religieuses. Invocation / Franz Liszt.
  • CD 76647 — Concerto for piano and orchestra, no. 1 op. 23 ; The nutcracker : suite op. 71a / Peter Tchaikovsky.
  • CD 76648 — Sonata no. 29 in B flat, op. 106 : "Hammerklavier" ; Sonata no. 24 in F sharp, op. 78 : "For Therese" / Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • CD 76649 — Concerto no. 1 in E-flat ; Concerto no. 2 in A ; Hungarian fantasy / Liszt.
  • CD 76650 — Piano concerto no. 1 in B flat minor op. 23 / Tchaikovsky. Piano concerto in F sharp minor op. 20 / Scriabin.
  • CD 76651 — Claudio Abbado conducts Mussorgsky.
  • CD 76652 — Dress rehearsal / Carolyn Dawn Johnson.
  • CD 76653 — Tug of war / Carly Rae Jepsen.
  • CD 76654 — Healer / Alex Cuba.
  • CD 76655 — Djin djin / Angélique Kidjo.
  • CD 76656 — Sass-- : best of Sass Jordan.
  • CD 76657 — Lovelight / Michael Kaeshammer.

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  • M2 .R238 v.227 — Eumelio : dramma pastorale (1606) / Agostino Agazzari ; edited by Matthew J. Hall, Elizabeth Lyon, and Zoe Weiss.
  • M2 .R238 v.228 — L'empio punito / Alessandro Melani ; edited by Luca Della Libera.
  • M2 .R2384 v.176 — Madrigali a cinque voci (Venice, 1546) / Girolamo Parabosco ; edited by Timothy R. McKinney.
  • M3 .J64 M6 2019 — The complete works of Robert Johnson / Robert Johnson ; edited by Elaine Moohan and Kenneth Elliott.
  • M3.1 .D88 O2 2015 v.10 — Obras sacras en romance / Sebastián Durón ; edición crítica, Raúl Angulo Díaz.
  • M5 .M875 1992 v.56 — Dos fandangos para violín y acompañamiento (ca. 1755) ; Capricho para violín solo (ca. 1760-1770) / anónimos ; edición crítica: Ana Lombardía.
  • M22 .V345 I6 2021 — Intavolatura de cimbalo : (Napoli 1576) / Antonio Valente ; edited by Maria Luisa Baldassari.
  • M25 .F74243 S6 2020 — Song of release : for piano / Joep Franssens.
  • M42 .M37 op.49 no.2 1960 — Sonatine No. 6, für Violine allein, op. 49, No. 2, 1958 / Jean Martinon.
  • M316 .B54 T7 2021 — Three trio sonatas for two flutes and basso continuo / Diogenio Bigaglia ; edited by Michael Talbot.
  • M412.4 .T4 TWV 43:B1 2021 — Concerto in B-flat major (TWV 43:B1) for strings & basso continuo / Georg Ph. Telemann ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M522 .P35 A2 2018 — à 5 : for flute (piccolo), (bass) clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano (2017) / Fabian Panisello.
  • M647 .W36 A73 2021 — Arche / Ming Wang.
  • M747 .R65 G53 2020 — The glazed roof : (a study of equilibrium by Ieoh Ming Pei) : per arpa, pianoforte, marimba e quartetto d'archi / Lucia Ronchetti.
  • M1002 .B55 V38 2020 — Vaterland : symphonische Dichtung / von Julius Bittner.
  • M1002 .K836 op.26 2020 — Moldawisches Poem : op. 26 / Viktor Kosenko.
  • M1002 .M612 R5 2020 — La ronde du Sabbat : d'après la ballade de Victor Hugo : pour grand orchestre / Edmond de Mihalovich.
  • M1002 .S456 P7 2021 — Prometheus : symphonische Dichtung in zwei Abtheilungen : op. 50 / componirt von Johan Selmer.
  • M1002 .W349 op.80 2020 — Frühling : Opus 80 : Symphonische Dichtung in Form von Variationen für grosses Orchester / Felix Weingartner.
  • M1003 .G7 op.115 2021 — Salzburger Serenaden : für Orchester : Opus 115 / Paul Graener.
  • M1004 .G879 H4 2020 — Hjalarljod : ouverture / Eivind Groven ; edited by Peter Szilvay and Bjarte Engeset.
  • M1004 .R467 R3 2020 — Raskolnikoff : Ouverture-Phantasie für grosses Orchester / E.N. v. Reznicek.
  • M1010 .W28 O7 2021 — Orchestermusik mit Klavier / Rudolf Wagner-Regeny.
  • M1011 .J62 op.11 2020 — Konzert Dmoll in ungarischer Weise : für Violine und Pianoforte : Op. 11 / Joseph Joachim.
  • M1012 .K68 op.68 2020 — Concert für Violine und Orchester, op. 68 / componirt von August Klughardt.
  • M1012 .V66 V3 2021 — Variationen über die Romanze G-Dur von Beethoven für Violine und Orchester / Henri Vieuxtemps ; herausgegeben von Olaf Adler.
  • M1012 .W75 op.26 2021 — Konzert D-Dur für Violine und Orchester = Concerto per violino e orchestra in re-maggiore : op. 26 / Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari.
  • M1016 .H9 C5 2021 — Chant funèbre : pour violoncelle et orchestre (1926) ; Concertino pour violoncelle et orchestre (1932) / Albert Huybrechts.
  • M1045 .M637 D4 2020 — Die Nixe / Ödön Mihalovich.
  • M1045 .V784 L8 2020 — Lumina drumurilor = The light of roads / Ulpiu Vlad.
  • M1495 .C77 1986 v.20 pt.5 — Nisi Dominus : contralto, basso e strumenti : 1748 / Francesco Maria Zuccari OFMConv. ; edizione critica di Loriano Blasutta.
  • M1495 .C77 1986 v.36 pt.7 — Magnificat in La maggiore : (1730) / Francesco Antonio Calegari OFMConv. ; introduzione e trascrizione di Roberto Frigato.
  • M1495 .C77 1986 v.36 pt.8 — Magnificat in Do maggiore : a 4 voci e strumenti / Francesco Antonio Calegari OFMConv. ; introduzione e trascrizione di Roberto Frigato.
  • M1495 .C77 1986 v.41 pt.2 — Domine ad adiuvandum : 3 composizioni a 4 e 8 voci e b.c ; Dixit Dominus a 4 voci e b. c. / Agostino Ricci OFM Conv. ; introduzione ed edizione critica di Marco Lorenzin.
  • M1500 .M43 P8 2019 — Le portrait de Manon / Jules Massenet
  • M1500 .R66 L3 2020 — Last desire : a tragedy in one act : (2004) / Lucia Ronchetti ; [text: Oscar Wilde: Salomé in an adaptation by Tina Hartmann].
  • M1503 .G28 Q374 2021 — Eine Viertelstunde Schweigen : komische Oper in einem Akt : (Paris 1804) / Pierre Gaveaux ; herausgegeben von Horst Vladar.
  • M1530 .E38 S65 2021 — The spirit of England : for soprano or tenor solo, mixed chorus and orchestra, op. 80 ; With proud thanksgiving : for chorus and orchestra / Edward Elgar.
  • M1538 .N53 M4 2021 — Das Meer : Symphonie-Ode für Männerchor, Solo, grosses Orchester und Orgel, op. 31 / Jean Louis Nicodé
  • M1543 .R56 op.60 2021 — Iz' Gomera : preli͡udii͡a-kantata dli͡a orkestra, trekh zhenskikh' golosov' solo i zhenskago khora : soch. 60 / N.A. Rimskago-Korsakova.
  • M1547 .S48 T3 2007 — Khorovye proizvedenii͡a / G. Shaĭdulova ; redaktor F.I. Takun.
  • M1579 .B828 2021 — Breath of song : 10 works by women composers for unaccompanied SATB choir / compiled and edited by Sarah Quartel.
  • M1613 .M48 I5 2021 — Infelice : Mendelssohn concert aria in the original London version 1834 / Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.
  • M1625 .K387 A93 2020 — Auferstehung und Jüngstes Gericht : Fresko für Orchester und Recitation / Gerhard von Keussler.
  • M1994 .P65 2014 vyp.2 — Poëm o voĭne i pobede. Starshiĭ shkolʹnyĭ khor / redaktor-sostavitelʹ I.V. Roganova.
  • M1999 .O37 S3 2018 — Obras de maestros italianos en la Catedral de Pamplona / Aurelio Sagaseta (ed.).
  • M1999 .V35 C5 2020 — Cinc motets a la Santa Creu / atribuïts a Francesc Valls ; edició: Sergi Casademunt.
  • M2000 .V57 P88 2015 — Puteshestvie lirnika : poznavshego u raznykh narodov, kak igrai͡ut pesni vo slavu Bozhi͡u : oratorii͡a dli͡a solistov, smeshannogo khora i ansambli͡a ėtnicheskikh i simfonicheskikh instrumentov / Ivan Vishnevskiĭ ; slova protoierei͡a Andrei͡a Spiridonova.
  • M2010 .G55 M5 2019 — Missa in C / Cyryl Gieczyński OSPPE ; opracowanie i wstęp = edited and prefaced by Marcin Konik.
  • M2010 .N42 C3 2020 — Misa a 8 (1748) : "Cantate Domino canticum novum" / José de Nebra.
  • M2103.3 .H26 G44 2020 — Geistlicher Dialogen ander Teil darinnen Herrn Opitzens Hohes Lied Salomonis : (Dresden 1645) / Andreas Hammerschmidt.

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  • ML120 .S47 D64 2014 — Bibliografija srpske gitarističke literature : od prvih tragova do 2000 / Uroš Dojčinović.
  • ML174 .M98 2014 — Muzykalʹnai͡a pisʹmennostʹ khristianskogo mira : Knigi. Notat͡sii͡a. Problemy interpretat͡sii
  • ML260.8 .N47 C84 2015 — Muzička praksa u Nišu od kraja XIX veka do početka Drugog svetskog rata : ideološki, kulturni i umetnički kontekst / Sonja Cvetković.
  • ML390 .C47 2014 — Chetvero druzhnykh : V.M. Bogdanov-Berezovskiĭ, O.S. Chishko, I.L. Gusin, V.K. Sorokin / redaktor-sostavitelʹ V.G. Solovʹev.
  • ML410 .B13 S7275 2012 — I.S. Bakh i muzykalʹnai͡a praktika nemet͡skogo barokko : sbornik stateĭ = J.S. Bach und die musikalische Praxis des deutschen Barock : Sammelband
  • ML410 .C88717 B46 2022 — Jean Cras, polymath of music and letters / Paul-André Bempéchat.
  • ML410 .E77785 B47 2015 — Berega ostai͡utsi͡a : stranit͡sy zhizni i tvorchestva kompozitora A.I͡A. Ėshpai͡a : statʹi, issledovanii͡a, diskografii͡a / sostavitelʹ S.A. Shcheglov.
  • ML410 .L5 S373 2020 Bd.1 — Die Drammi seri von Leonardo Leo (1694-1744) / Roberto Scoccimarro. Studien zur Überlieferung, Stilistik und Rezeption
  • ML410 .L5 S373 2020 Bd.2 — Die Drammi seri von Leonardo Leo (1694-1744) / Roberto Scoccimarro. Verzeichnisse und Quellen.
  • ML410 .M9 N4944 2021 — Der "Mozart-Nachlass" : Musikalien aus dem Besitz der Söhne W.A. Mozarts in Salzburg / vorgelegt von Eva Neumayr ; mit Beiträgen von Armin Brinzing und Till Reininghaus.
  • ML410 .S4 A4 2008 Ser.2 Bd.8.1 — Schumann Briefedition. Briefwechsel Robert und Clara Schumanns mit der Familie List und anderen Münchner Korrespondenten
  • ML417 .E533 K39 2020 — Abdel Rahman El Bacha : pianiste & compositeur / Zeina Saleh Kayali ; avec la participation de Michaël Sebaoun.
  • ML419 .A565 B43 2022Y — Play all night! : Duane Allman and the journey to Fillmore East / Bob Beatty.
  • ML420 .S58 C45 2020 — Tamara Ilʹinichna Sini︠a︡vskai︠a︡ : biobibliograficheskiĭ ukazatelʹ / sostavitelʹ O.B. Chisti︠a︡kova.
  • ML423 .U49 B45 2016 — Zabytai͡a melodii͡a : zhiznʹ i trudy Aleksandra Ulybysheva / Valerii͡a Belonogova.
  • ML3487 .B7 F368 2021 v.1 — História da música popular brasileira sem preconceitos / Rodrigo Faour. Dos primórdios, em 1500, aos explosivos anos 1970
  • ML3527.8 .B725 2020 — Preso na gaiola : a criminalização do funk carioca nas páginas do Jornal do Brasil (1990-1999) / Juliana da Silva Bragança.
  • ML3531 .R63 2021 — Racionais MC's : Sobrevivendo no inferno / Arthur Dantas Rocha.
  • MT1 .M1528313 2019 — Partnership in music : reflections on teaching partnership / Jerzy Marchwiński.
  • MT64 .M65 R66 2022X — The reel world : scoring for pictures, television, and video games / Jeff Rona ; foreword by Peter Golub.
  • MT75 .S48 2021 — Fraseado do choro : uma análise de estilo por padrões de recorrência / Mário Sève.
  • MT345 .M63 1969 — The modern flutist : 8 etudes de salon / by Donjon. 30 caprices / by Karg-Elert. Orchestral studies for flute, alto flute and piccolo.
  • MT585 .D63 S7 1965 book.1 — Studies for guitar. 1-10 / Stephen Dodgson and Hector Quine.
  • MT599 .B4 B64 2010 — Groove 101 / Sylvain Bolduc.
  • MT845 .C44 2022Y — Perfect Italian diction for singers : an authoritative guide / Timothy Cheek and Anna Toccafondi ; foreword by Lawrence Brownlee and Thomas Hampson.

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