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Cover of book Love and rageTatro, Kelley, and Yaz Núñez. 2022. Love & Rage : Autonomy in Mexico City’s Punk Scene. Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press. [ML3917 .M5 T37 2022X]

...a deeply ethnographic account of punk in Mexico City as it is lived and practiced, connecting the sounds of punk music to different styles of political action. Through compelling first-person accounts, ethnographer Kelley Tatro shows that punk is more than music....

Book cover of Why the JewsCherry, Robert D. 2021. Why the Jews? : How Jewish Values Transformed Twentieth Century American Pop Culture. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. [E169.1 .C462 2021]

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Jewish immigrants upended Protestant control of vaudeville and the silent film industry. This book rejects the commonly held explanations for this shift: Jewish commercial acumen and their desire to assimilate. Instead, this book argues that the 'pleasure principle'--a positive view of bodily pleasures and sexuality that Jewish immigrants held --gave rise to the role of Jewish influence on popular culture, an influence still felt today....

Book cover for Shine brightSmith, Danyel. 2022. Shine Bright : a Very Personal History of Black Women in Pop. New York: Roc Lit 101. [ML82 .S615 2021X]

From one of the preeminent cultural critics of her generation, a radiant weave of memoir, criticism, and biography that tells the story of black women in music--from the Dixie Cups to Gladys Knight to Janet, Whitney, and Mariah-- as the foundational story of American pop.

Book cover of Bach and MozartCorneilson, Paul E. 2022. Bach and Mozart : Connections, Patterns, and Pathways. Urbana: University of Illinois Press. [ML410 .B13 B125 2022X]

Most people today think of Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as the only Bach and Mozart of classical music. This volume in the Bach Perspectives series offers essays on the lesser-known musical figures who share those illustrious names alongside new research on the legendary composers themselves....

Book cover of The Faber pocket guide to balletBull, Deborah (Deborah C.), and Luke Jennings. 2014. The Faber Pocket Guide to Ballet. London: Faber and Faber. [GV1787 .B85 2014Y]

The essential, easy-to-use classical ballet guide – spanning nearly two centuries of classical dance – with entries for more than eighty works from ballet companies around the world, from Giselle and Swan Lake to Cinderella and Steptext. This new edition has been revised to include new ballets by Wayne McGregor, Alexei Ratmansky and Christopher Wheeldon alongside classics by Tchaikovsky, Diaghilev and Balanchine.

Book cover of This Woman's WorkGleeson, Sinéad, and Kim Gordon. 2022. This Woman’s Work : Essays on Music. New York: Hachette Books. [ML82 .T45 2022Y]

Edited by iconic musician Kim Gordon and esteemed writer Sinéad Gleeson, this powerful collection of award-winning female creators shares their writing about the female artists that matter most to them. This book is for and about the women who kicked in doors, as pioneers of their craft or making politics central to their sound: those who offer a new way of thinking about the vast spectrum of women in music....

Book cover of Totally WiredGorman, Paul. 2022. Totally Wired : the Rise and Fall of the Music Press. London: Thames and Hudson. [ML160 .G67 2022Y]

Totally Wired charts the coming of age of music publications covering the contemporary bands, trends, and scene. This book offers a history of the journalists who described the wild landscape of the rise of rock and its evolution from the 1950s to the 2000s, through R&B, pop, the Summer of Love, punk, and beyond. Author Paul Gorman chronicles the emergence of trailblazing music magazines in New York, Los Angeles, and London and their transformation into essential reading for anyone who cared about popular culture....

Book cover of DrumsvilleCataliotti, Robert H., and Herlin Riley. 2022. Drumsville! : the Evolution of the New Orleans Beat. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. [ML1035 .C36 2022X]

Drumsville! The Evolution of the New Orlean Beat traces the history of drums and drumming in New Orleans, tracing more than three centuries of drumming history that shaped the city into the musical powerhouse it is today. Created as a companion to the New Orleans Jazz Museum Exhibit of the same name, Drumsville! begins its story with the Native nations of Louisiana and moves through the arrival of European colonists and enslaved Africans bringing their cultures to New Orleans....

Book cover of Rugs, guitars, and fiddlingGoertzen, Chris. 2022. Rugs, Guitars, and Fiddling : Intensification and the Rich Modern Lives of Traditional Arts. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi. [ML3877 .G63 2022X]

What do exotic area rugs, handcrafted steel-string guitars, and fiddling have in common today? Many contemporary tradition bearers embrace complexity in form and content. They construct objects and performances that draw on the past and evoke nostalgia effectively but also reward close attention. In Rugs, Guitars, and Fiddling: Intensification and the Rich Modern Lives of Traditional Arts, author Chris Goertzen argues that this entails three types of change that can be grouped under an umbrella term: intensification....

Book cover of Treasures of Mechanical musicReblitz, Arthur A., and Q. David Bowers. 2022. Treasures of Mechanical Music : a Compilation of Hundreds of Tracker Bar, Key Frame, and Note Layouts for Automatic Music Machines, Together with Historical and Technical Information and a Collector’s Portfolio of Outstanding Mechanical Musical Instruments. Vestal reprint edition. Essex, Connecticut: Vestal Press. [ML1050 .R4 2022Y]

This book contains over 450 tuning scales, tracker scales, and key frame layouts for players and reproducing pianos, and orchestrions; music boxes; table-top organettes; reed, pipe, electronic, and barrel organs; and various other mechanical musical instruments....

Book cover of Creole SoulFeintuch, Burt. 2022. Creole Soul : Zydeco Lives. Jackson, Miss: University Press of Mississippi. [ML3560 .C25 F4 2022Y]

Creole Soul: Zydeco Lives is an exquisitely photographed volume of interviews with contemporary zydeco musicians. Featuring the voices of zydeco’s venerable senior generation and its current agents of change, this book celebrates a musical world full of passion, energy, cowboy hats and boots, banging bass, horse trailers, joy, and dazzling dance moves. Author Burt Feintuch captures an important American music in the process of significant—and sometimes controversial—change.

Book cover of Musical resilienceAyyagari, Shalini R. 2022. Musical Resilience : Performing Patronage in the Indian Thar Desert. Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press. [ML3917 .I4 A89 2022X]

Ethnomusicologist Ayyagari shows how professional low-caste musicians from the Thar Desert borderland of Rajasthan, India have skillfully reinvented their cultural and economic value in postcolonial India.

Book cover of Klingende InneraumeMeine, Sabine, and Henrike Rost. 2020. Klingende Innenräume : GenderPerspektiven auf eine ästhetische und soziale Praxis im Privaten. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann. [ML3917 .E85 K55 2020]

Der Raum, heute aktueller als die Zeit, ist für die Musikforschung eine zentrale Analysekategorie. Leiser als die Klänge in Konzert und Oper, zwingen uns die Töne in Innenräumen dazu, genauer hinzuhören. Die kommunikativen und wahrnehmungsgebundenen Qualitäten von Musik in privaten Innenräumen erweisen sich dabei als besonders ergiebig für genderspezifische Fragen....

Book cover of Ethnomusicology and cultural diplomacyHebert, David G., and Jonathan McCollum. 2022. Ethnomusicology and Cultural Diplomacy. Lanham: Lexington Books. [ML3916 .E75 2022X]

Music has long played a prominent role in cultural diplomacy, but until now no resource has comparatively examined policies that shape how non-western countries use music in international relations. Inspired by decolonization, this book describes policies and legal frameworks that impact music's role in cultural diplomacy worldwide. 

Book cover of Beethoven in RussiaSkinner, Frederick W. 2022. Beethoven in Russia : Music and Politics. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press. [ML410 .B42 S596 2022X]

Beethoven in Russia deftly explores the interface between music and politics in Russia by examining the reception of Beethoven's works from the late 18th century to the present. In part 1, Frederick W. Skinner's clear and sweeping review examines the role of Beethoven's more dramatic works in the revolutionary struggle that culminated in the Revolution of 1917. In part 2, Skinner reveals how this same power was again harnessed to promote Stalin's campaign of rapid industrialization....

Book cover of Ariane and BluebeardBrown, Matthew, and Th. Emil Homerin. 2022. Ariane & Bluebeard : from Fairy Tale to Comic Book Opera. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press. [ML410 .D86 A85 2022X]

Maurice Maeterlinck described his libretto Ariane et Barbe-bleue as "a sort of legendary opera, or fairy [opera], in three acts." In 1907, Paul Dukas finished setting Maeterlinck's libretto to music, and the opera's Paris premiere was lauded as a landmark in operatic history. Ariane & Bluebeard: From Fairy Tale to Comic Book Opera offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary look at this historic opera, including its structure, reception, and cultural implications....

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  • M2.3 .E6 E54 2015 v.2 — London, Lambeth Palace Library, MS 1040 : (1650s-1660s) / edited by Andrew Woolley, Heather Windram and Terence Charlston ; foreword by Rachel Cosgrave.
  • M3.1 .L53 S2 2018 — Sakralna vokalna lirika na latinske tekstove = Sacred Latin songs / Ferdo Livadić ; urednici = editors, Ivan Živanović, Davor Merkaš, Jelena Vuković
  • M21 .A454 2018 — Die allerersten Klassiker und Romantiker : Originalstücke für Klavier : Gesamtband / herausgegeben von Erwin Christian Scholz
  • M23 .B414 L3 2019 v.1 — Klaviersonaten = Piano sonatas / Ludwig van Beethoven ; herausgegeben von Frederic Lamond = edited by Frederic Lamond.
  • M23 .B414 L3 2019 v.2 — Klaviersonaten = Piano sonatas / Ludwig van Beethoven ; herausgegeben von Frederic Lamond = edited by Frederic Lamond.
  • M47 .R66 G36 2017 — Ganimede : per viola (1986) / Fausto Romitelli.
  • M117 .L526 R84 2018 — Rug music : for solo harp, 2015 / Liza Lim.
  • M219 .B89 A54 2019 v.3 — Sonatas para violín y bajo / Cayetano Brunetti. Sonata I (L 10) ; Sonata II (L 11) ; Sonata III (L 12) ; Sonata IV (L 13) ; Sonata V (L s.n.) ; Sonata VI (L 14)
  • M289 .N543 D83 2018 — Duale C : per flauto e saxofono soprano in Si♭ (o clarinetto in Si♭) : (1990) / Fabio Nieder.
  • M297 .C255 W56 2018 — Wind : per flauto dolce e arpa (1992) / Mauro Cardi.
  • M312.4 .A24 op.3 no.5 2020 — Trio sonata in A Major (Op. 3, Nr. 5), for 2 transverse flutes or violins & basso continuo / Carl Friedrich Abel ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M312.4 .C15 op.1 no.8 2020 — Church sonata in G minor (Op. 1, Nr. 8) for 2 violins, violoncello & organ / Antonio Caldara ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M312.4 .M373 op.4 no.12-14 2021 — Six trio sonatas from op. 4 (Paris, 1711), vol. 2 - sonatas 12-14 : for two violins and continuo / Michele Mascitti ; edited by Michael Talbot.
  • M317 .Q3 QV 2:Anh.28 2020 — Trio sonata in G major (Op.3, Nr.1) for 2 flutes or violins & basso continuo / Johann Joachim Quantz ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M322 .E22 op.10 no.2 2021 — Sonata (trio) in B flat major, op. 10 no. 2 : clarinet/violin, violoncello and fortepiano / Anton Eberl ; edited by Martin Harlow.
  • M322 .J416 T66 2021 — Sonata in A minor, oboe, violin & continuo / Johann Gottlieb Janitsch ; edited by Brian Clark.
  • M322 .J416 T74 2021 — Trio sonata in G, oboe, violin & continuo / Johann Gottlieb Janitsch ; edited by Brian Clark.
  • M322 .K86 T75 2021 — Sonata in D minor : oboe, violin & continuo / Krause ; edited by Brian Clark.
  • M351 .H44 D52 2021 — Divertimento II für Violine, Viola und Violoncello (oder Kontrabass) / Joseph Heidenreich ; Herausgeber, Carsten Bock.
  • M351 .V36 W. VIa: Es 2 2020 — Trio sonata in E-flat major (op. 17, nr. 4), for 2 violins & violoncello / Johann Baptist Vanhal ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M452 .S778 op.28 no.1 2020 — String quartet in D major (Op. 28, Nr. 1) for 2 violins, viola & bass / Anton Stamitz ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M452 .S778 op.28 no.6 2020 — String quartet in E-flat major (Op. 28, Nr. 6), for 2 violins, viola & bass / Anton Stamitz ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M457.2 .G855 op.13 no.2 2021 — Cassazione, quartetto per fagotti, op. 13, Nr. 2 / Jean François de Guise.
  • M457.2 .S36 op.72 2020 — Konzertantes Quartett Nr. 2 F-Dur op. 72, für 4 Flöten / Georg Abraham Schneider.
  • M512 G85 op.17 no.14 2021 — Quintet for piano and strings, op. 17, Nr. 14 / Jean François de Guise.
  • M947 .V46 I55 2018 — Illusions : for nine amplified players and video / Philip Venables ; text by David Hoyle.
  • M1001 .K26 no.2 2018 — Symphony no. 2 / Rob Keeley.
  • M1001 .L38 no.2 2018 — Symphony no. 2 : "...sunt lacrimae rerum..." = "...these are the tears of what it is to be human..." : for orchestra, 2009 / Mats Larsson Gothe.
  • M1001 .P887 no.1 2019 — Symphonie Nr. 1 g-Moll / Cipriani Potter ; herausgegeben von Bert Hagels.
  • M1004 .P788 C9 2019 — Ouvertüre zu Cymbelene / Cipriani Potter ; herausgegeben von Bert Hagels.
  • M1010 .P785 I58 2018 — Introduzione e Rondo (alla militaire) : für Klavier und Orchester : Es-Dur / Cipriani Potter ; herausgegeben von Bert Hagels.
  • M1012 .A22 C6 2018 — Violin concerto : for solo violin and orchestra : 2014 / Michel van der Aa.
  • M1023 .G615 C6 2019 — Konzert für Oboe und Orchester : (1978/79) / Friedrich Goldmann ; Klavierauszug von Holger Groschopp (2019).
  • M1040 .B827 G4 2019 — Germinate : for piano, violin, violoncello and orchestra / Charlotte Bray.
  • M1045 .D725 G74 2014 — Green/blue : for orchestra (2003) / Emily Doolittle.
  • M1045 .T554 C37 2018 — Cassini : for symphony orchestra (2018) / Luís Tinoco.
  • M1045 .V784 R4 2019 — Reverberații de legendă = Legendary reverberations / Ulpiu Vlad.
  • M1205 .R63 T76 2018 — Trombango : for solo trombone & concert band / Stephen Roberts.
  • M1205 .R63 T76 2018 — Trombango : for solo trombone & concert band / Stephen Roberts.
  • M1366 .R43 2022Y — The real Philadelphia book / Jazz Bridge ; edited by David Dzubinski, Suzanne Cloud.
  • M1503 .G569 A44 2019 — Alceste : Vienna version 1767 : tragedia per musica in three acts / Gluck ; Riduzione per canto e pianoforte
  • M1503 .R171 D3 2020 — Dardanus : tragédie en un prologue et cinq actes, version de mai 1744, versions d'avril 1744, 1760 et 1763 (Compléments) : RCT 35 B / [Jean-Philippe Rameau]
  • M1551 .P4 2015 — Pesni voennykh let i pesni o voĭne : obrabotki dlia͡ detskogo (zhenskogo) khora / Stanislava Gribkova.
  • M1613 .R275 C6 2018 — Concerto for voice : (Moods IIIc) : for voice and orchestra / Maja S.K. Ratkje.
  • M1613.3 .S2346 C449 2018 — Chamber music IX : nocturne : for vocal soloist and string orchestra : (2017) / Aulis Sallinen ; [text by] Eino Leino, 1903.
  • M1619 .B83 2021 — Brazilian art song anthology : 25 pieces for voice and piano / edited by Flavio Mello and Carol McDavit
  • M2010 .R67 P3 2018 — Petite Messe solennelle : per soli, coro, due pianoforti e armonium / Gioachino Rossini.
  • M2020 .M35 op.52 2020 — Lobgesang : eine Symphonie-Kantate nach Worten der Heiligen Schrift = Hymn of praise : a symphony-cantata after texts from the holy scriptures : MWV A 18 / op. 52 / Mendelssohn Bartholdy
  • M2023 .M52 L62 2020 — Lobgesang : eine Symphonie-Kantate nach Worten der Heiligen Schrift = Hymn of Praise : a symphony-cantata after texts from the holy scriptures : MWV A 18 / op. 52 / Mendelssohn Bartholdy
  • M2062 .L68 M85 2020 — Ad te levavi oculos meos ; Sancti per fidem vicerunt regna : cantus, altus, tenor, bassus & organo (b.c.) ; Spiritus sancti gratia ; Sit laus honor et gloria : cantus, altus, tenor, bassus & tenor II & organo (b.c.) / Urban Loth ; herausgegeben von = edited by Heinz-Walter Schmitz und Karl Friedrich Wagner.

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  • E169.1 .C462 2021 — Why the Jews? : how Jewish values transformed twentieth century American pop culture / Robert Cherry.
  • GV1787 .B85 2014Y — The Faber pocket guide to ballet / Deborah Bull and Luke Jennings.
  • ML82 .T45 2022Y — This woman's work : essays on music / edited by Sinéad Gleeson and Kim Gordon.
  • ML156.7 .B4 M23 2008Y — Revolution in the head : the Beatles' records and the sixties / Ian MacDonald.
  • ML160 .G67 2022Y — Totally wired : the rise and fall of the music press / Paul Gorman.
  • ML345 .T8 T34 2011 — Gülzâr-ı mûsikî / Hasan Tahsin, çeviri: Prof. Dr. Gülçin Yahya Kaçar.
  • ML410 .B13 B125 2022X — Bach and Mozart : connections, patterns, and pathways / edited by Paul Corneilson.
  • ML410 .B42 T495 2020 — Meine Reise zu Beethoven / Christian Thielemann ; unter Mitwirkung von Christine Lemke-Matwey.
  • ML410 .H102833 D4 2020X — Richard Hageman : from Holland to Hollywood / Nico de Villiers, Kathryn Kalinak, and Asing Walthaus.
  • ML410 .H6 A4 2020 Bd.1 — Hindemith-Schott : der Briefwechsel / herausgegeben von Susanne Schaal-Gotthardt, Luitgard Schader und Heinz-Jürgen Winkler. 1919-1935
  • ML410 .H6 A4 2020 Bd.2 — Hindemith-Schott : der Briefwechsel / herausgegeben von Susanne Schaal-Gotthardt, Luitgard Schader und Heinz-Jürgen Winkler. 1936-1952
  • ML410 .H6 A4 2020 Bd.3 — Hindemith-Schott : der Briefwechsel / herausgegeben von Susanne Schaal-Gotthardt, Luitgard Schader und Heinz-Jürgen Winkler. 1953-1967
  • ML410 .H6 A4 2020 Bd.4 — Hindemith-Schott : der Briefwechsel / herausgegeben von Susanne Schaal-Gotthardt, Luitgard Schader und Heinz-Jürgen Winkler. Anhang
  • ML410 .L7 R63 2022X — Reading Franz Liszt : revealing the poetry behind the piano music / Paul Roberts.
  • ML410 .M71 M66 2020 — Moniuszko na nowo odkryty : podsumowanie Roku Stanisława Moniuszki
  • ML410 .M8768 A75 2021 — A bossa nova instrumental : o samba jazz pelo olhar de Paulo Moura / Cléber Alves.
  • ML410 .N975 S686 2019 — Ostap Nyz͡hankivsʹkyĭ / Roman Sov'i͡ak.
  • ML417 .F5 Z35 2020 — Edwin Fischer (1886-1960) : Pianist, Dirigent, Musikpädagoge : eine Biographie / Julia Zalkow.
  • ML420 .G43 B35 2021 — Gigli : the master tenor / Colin Bain ; Barry R. Ashpole, general editor.
  • ML420 .T2358 E57 2020 — Miura Tamaki : eine japanische Butterfly / Ralf Eisinger.
  • ML421 .A43 P465 2022Y — Diary of a rock and roll tour manager : 2,190 days and nights with the South's premier rock band / Willie Perkins.
  • ML431 .R36 2022Y — Sounding the Word of God : Carolingian books for singers / Susan Rankin.
  • ML1035 .C36 2022X — Drumsville! : the evolution of the New Orleans beat / Robert H. Cataliotti ; foreword by Herlin Riley.
  • ML2075 .W55 2022X — The sound of cinema : Hollywood film music from the silents to the present / Sean Wilson ; foreword by Amon Warmann.
  • ML3111 .J87 2022X — (White)washing our sins away : American mainline churches, music, power, and diversity / Deborah Justice.
  • ML3470 .S675 2022Y — Let's do it : the birth of pop / Bob Stanley.
  • ML3497 .N46 2021 — Ne nado stesni︠a︡tʹsi︠a︡ : istorii︠a︡ postsovetskoĭ pop-muzyki v 169 pesni︠a︡kh (1991-2021) / pod redakt︠s︡ieĭ Aleksandra Gorbacheva.
  • ML3527.8 .O45 2021 — SP 130 BPM : materialidade e gênero na cultura funk paulista (1995-2014) / Laíza Santana Oliveira.
  • ML3531 .A27 2022X — The come up : an oral history of the rise of hip-hop / Jonathan Abrams.
  • ML3534.6 .R8 B73 2021 — T︠S︡vety pustyni / Branimir.
  • ML3534.6 .R8 S53 2020 — Kogda i︠a︡ byl artistom : sbornik rasskazov / Vladislav Shapiro ; khudozhnik-illi︠u︡strator Ksenii︠a︡ Ermolenko.
  • ML3554 .B37 2022X — Irish American Civil War songs : identity, loyalty, and nationhood / Catherine V. Bateson.
  • ML3560 .C25 F4 2022Y — Creole soul : zydeco lives / Burt Feintuch.
  • ML3586 .C67 1993 Bd.22 T.2.1 — WeXel, oder, Die Musik einer Landschaft. Das weltliche Lied: Jodler und Jodler-Lied - Ungeradtaktig
  • ML3586 .C67 1993 Bd.22 T.2.2 — WeXel, oder, Die Musik einer Landschaft. Das weltliche Lied: Jodler, Jodler-Lied, Gstanzl und Tanz - Geradtaktig
  • ML3586 .C67 1993 Bd.22 T.2.3 — WeXel, oder, Die Musik einer Landschaft. Das weltliche Lied: Jodler, Jodler-Lied, Gstanzl und Tanz - Register.
  • ML3748 .G73 2022X — The politics of musical time : expanding songs and shrinking markets in Bengali devotional performance / Eben Graves.
  • ML3760 .A37 2022X — Walking with Asafo in Ghana : an ethnographic account of Kormantse Bentsir warrior music / Ama Oforiwaa Aduonum ; with Kormantse Bentsir Scholars.
  • ML3797 .M87365 2020 — Musik, die Wissen schafft : Perspektiven künstlerischer Musikforschung / herausgegeben von Arnold Jacobshagen.
  • ML3798 .B65 2022X — Going up the country : adventures in blues fieldwork in the 1960s / Marina Bokelman and David Evans ; foreword by Stephen Wade.
  • ML3800 .T37 2020 — Fonosfera--sfera muzyki, slova i zvuka / E.M. Tarakanova.
  • ML3877 .G63 2022X — Rugs, guitars, and fiddling : intensification and the rich modern lives of traditional arts / Chris Goertzen.
  • ML3916 .E75 2022X — Ethnomusicology and cultural diplomacy / edited by David G. Hebert and Jonathan McCollum.
  • ML3917 .A63 R38 2021X — 'What's going on' : how music shapes the social / Wilfried Raussert.
  • ML3917 .E85 K55 2020 — Klingende Innenräume : GenderPerspektiven auf eine ästhetische und soziale Praxis im Privaten / herausgegeben von Sabine Meine und Henrike Rost.
  • ML3917 .I4 A89 2022X — Musical resilience : performing patronage in the Indian Thar desert / Shalini R. Ayyagari.
  • ML3917 .M5 T37 2022X — Love & rage : autonomy in Mexico city's punk scene / Kelley Tatro ; photographs by Yaz "Punk" Núñez.
  • MT1 .R435 2022X — A philosophy of music education : advancing the vision / Bennett Reimer ; foreword by Peter R. Webster.
  • MT820 .S23 2022X — Queering vocal pedagogy : a handbook for teaching trans and genderqueer singers and fostering gender-affirming spaces / William Sauerland.
  • MT868 .O64 2022X — Jazz singing : a guide to pedagogy and performance / Tish Oney.

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