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Cover of book Authentic connectionBoyce-Tillman, June, and Karin S. Hendricks. 2021. Authentic Connection : Music, Spirituality, and Wellbeing. Oxford: Peter Lang. [ML3916 .A96 2021]

This volume focuses on the ways in which mutual musical engagement might play a role in creating healthful, life-giving experiences. Scholarly chapters and reflective interludes illustrate how people use music to forge authentic spiritual and emotional connections with others, including in times of physical isolation and political unrest. Chapters and interludes address topics such as relationship building, community, wellbeing, therapy, education, and ecology. Each describes various ways in which individuals connect authentically with themselves, others, the music they make, and the physical and spiritual world around them. Many authors address current global crises including the COVID-19 pandemic, racism, nationalism, environmental injustice, and associated climate catastrophes. Authors articulate various qualities of authentic human connections, and discuss various ways in which music might be poised to facilitate emotional and spiritual connections in some of the most challenging and physically isolating times.

Book cover of New perspectives on Handel's musicBurrows, Donald, and David Vickers. 2022. New Perspectives on Handel’s Music : Essays in Honour of Donald Burrows. Woodbridge, Suffolk: Boydell & Brewer Ltd. [ML410 .H13 N49 2022Y]

Much like a baroque "dramma per musica", this book is divided into a three parts. Part I introduces the principal characters: Handel's musical works in different genres and diverse aspects of his musical style and creative practices; part II develops complications to the plot: there is new information about the authenticity and chronology of works and analysis of musical, literary and documentary sources; part III brings all of these scholarly strands together and leads to a set of outcomes: a fresh examination of the broader context of Handel's music in relation to his contemporaries and collaborators sits alongside reception studies. This collection will be essential reading for baroque music admirers, performers, experts and students. David Vickers is Lecturer in Academic Studies at Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester) and Council Member of the Handel Institute.

Book cover for King of the Delta bluesWardlow, Gayle, Stephen Calt, and Edward M. Komara. 2022. King of the Delta Blues : the Life and Music of Charlie Patton. Second edition. Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press. [ML420 .P323 C34 2022X]

Charlie Patton (1891-1934) was born in central Mississippi. By 1908, he had begun his performing career, initially at small house parties, then at barrelhouses and other settings that could accommodate a hundred people or more. Until his death in 1934, Patton was a top draw for the numerous African Americans then living and working in the Delta. In 1929 and 1930, he recorded several hits for Paramount Records, on the basis of which he was sought by the American Record Company in January 1934 for what would be his last recordings. He was immensely influential to other bluesmen, including Tommy Johnson, Kid Bailey, Robert Johnson, and Howlin' Wolf. Since 1991, his collected recordings have been available to the wider public. This book was previously published in 1988 under the authorship of Wardlow (b. 1940) and Calt (1946-2010). Its sole printing of 3,000 paperback copies sold out within seven years, and since 1988 additional recordings of Patton and his associates have been recovered and widely reissued to the public, particularly on Jack White's Third Man Records. Komara (b. 1966) has updated Wardlow and Calt's original edition and has written a new afterword discussing a resurgence of Delta-blues-style rock and the continuing influence of Patton and the music genre he helped pioneer.

Book cover of Thirty years behind the glassZimmerman, Lee, and Jim Gaines. 2022. Thirty Years Behind the Glass : from Otis Redding and Stax Records to Santana’s Supernatural. First edition. College Station: Texas A&M University Press. [ML429 .G135 Z56 2022X]

In a recording career spanning some fifty years, bridging a range in time and style that reaches from the early days at Memphis's Stax Records to Carlos Santana's eight-Grammy year in 2000 and beyond, producer Jim Gaines has operated the mixing board for some of the greatest artists in American music. Journey, Huey Lewis and the News, Steve Miller, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Dionne Warwick are just a few of the influential musicians who have entrusted their creativity and talent to his proven abilities. With several Grammys and multiple platinum-selling albums to his credit, Jim Gaines still remembers the day-April 4, 1968-that Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. Hearing the sirens and seeing the smoke rising from the downtown Memphis skyline, Gaines remembers loading tapes from Stax studio that night into various employees' vehicles to be taken away for safekeeping until the unrest in the city subsided. Near the other end of his career, Gaines recalls receiving a phone call during a break in the session at Willie Nelson's studio near Austin, where he was recording demo tracks for the rising Texas group, Los Lonely Boys. The date was September 11, 2001. Once again, there would be no more recording completed that day. In this wide-ranging collection of personal interviews and reminiscences, Gaines, with the help of author Lee Zimmerman, offers readers the priceless opportunity to sit down with a true music industry veteran and hear a lifetime's worth of stories from inside the studio.

Book cover of Listening to the fur tradeLaxer, Daniel Robert. 2022. Listening to the Fur Trade : Soundways and Music in the British North American Fur Trade, 1760-1840. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press. [ML3563.3 .L39 2022Y]

As fur traders were driven across northern North America by economic motivations, the landscape over which they plied their trade was punctuated by sound: shouting, singing, dancing, gunpowder, rattles, jingles, drums, fiddles, and--very occasionally--bagpipes. Fur trade interactions were, in a word, noisy. Daniel Laxer unearths traces of music, performance, and other intangible cultural phenomena long since silenced, allowing us to hear the fur trade for the first time. Listening to the Fur Trade uses the written record, oral history, and material culture to reveal histories of sound and music in an era before sound recording. The trading post was a noisy nexus, populated by a polyglot crowd of highly mobile people from different national, linguistic, religious, cultural, and class backgrounds. They found ways to interact every time they met, and facilitating material interests and survival went beyond the simple exchange of goods. Trust and good relations often entailed gift-giving: reciprocity was performed with dances, songs, and firearm salutes. Indigenous protocols of ceremony and treaty-making were widely adopted by fur traders, who supplied materials and technologies that sometimes changed how these ceremonies sounded. Within trading companies, masters and servants were on opposite ends of the social ladder but shared songs in the canoes and lively dances during the long winters at the trading posts. While the fur trade was propelled by economic and political interests, Listening to the Fur Trade uncovers the songs and ceremonies of First Nations people, the paddling songs of the voyageurs, and the fiddle music and step-dancing at the trading posts that provided its pulse.

Book cover of The music of Nobuo Uematsu in the final fantasy seriesAnatone, Richard. 2022. The Music of Nobuo Uematsu in the Final Fantasy Series. Edited by Richard Anatone. Bristol, UK: Intellect Books. [ML3540.7 .M89 2022Y]

This is the first book-length study of the music of Nobuo Uematsu, and focuses on his Final Fantasy soundtracks, exploring the dynamic relationship between the music and the stories behind the beloved video game series. Contributors are music and game scholars, based in the USA and UK.

Book cover of Holy ghostKoloda, Richard. 2022. Holy Ghost : the Life & Death of Free Jazz Pioneer Albert Ayler. First edition. London: Jawbone Press. [ML419 .A975 K65 2022Y]

Holy Ghost is the first extended study of free jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler, who is seen today as one of the most important innovators in the history of jazz. Ayler synthesized children’s songs, La Marseillaise, American march music, and gospel hymns, turning them into powerful, rambunctious, squalling free-jazz improvisations. Some critics considered him a charlatan, others a heretic for unhinging the traditions of jazz. Some simply considered him insane. However, like most geniuses, Ayler was misunderstood in his time. His divine messages of peace and love, apocalyptic visions of flying saucers, and the strange account of the days leading up to his being found floating in New York’s East River are central to his mystique, but, as Koloda points out, they are a distraction, overshadowing his profound impact on the direction of jazz as one of the most visible avant-garde players of the 1960s and a major influence on others, including John Coltrane. A musicologist and friend of Don Ayler, Albert’s troubled trumpet-playing brother, Richard Koloda has spent over two decades researching this book. He follows Ayler from his beginnings in his native Cleveland to France, where he received his greatest acclaim, to his untimely death on November 25, 1970, at age thirty-four, and puts to rest speculation concerning his mysterious death. A feat of biography and a major addition to jazz scholarship, Holy Ghost offers a new appreciation of one of the most important and controversial figures in twentieth-century music.

Book cover of The Chopin gamesArendt, Ada, Marcin Bogucki, Paweł Majewski, Kornelia Sobczak, and Tomasz Zymer. 2021. The Chopin Games : History of the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in 1927-2015. Translated by Tomasz Zymer. First edition. Warsaw: The University of Warsaw Press. [ML76 .F76 C46]

The book presents the history of the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition narrated from the anthropological-cultural perspective and based on extensive source material, which enabled the authors to explore the less known aspects of one of the most important music competitions in the world.

Book cover of Flashback identityMakandire, ManLuckerz. 2019. Flashback Identity. Uppsala: Makandire Muzani Music ZIMFEBI. [ML420 .M156 A3 2019]

The value of heritage, how Zimbabwean culture has influenced ManLuckerz's life, and what it has meant in a historical and modern perspective, both in Africa and the Western world.

Book cover of Ralph Vaughan Williams and Adrian BoultSimeone, Nigel. 2022. Ralph Vaughan Williams and Adrian Boult. Woodbridge, Suffolk: Boydell Press, an imprint of Boydell & Brewer, Ltd. [ML422 .B79 S56 2022Y]

From 1918 onwards, Boult became one of Vaughan Williams's most important interpreters, giving the world premieres of the Pastoral, Fourth and Sixth Symphonies, performing almost all his major works (not only at home but with some of the world's greatest orchestras), and working in close collaboration with the composer on major projects including the first complete recording of Vaughan Williams's symphonies. Boult continued to be the most devoted advocate of Vaughan Williams's music to the end of his long career. As this book shows, Boult's scores include numerous annotations derived from conversations and correspondence with Vaughan Williams and these provide important evidence of the composer's wishes including adjustments to orchestration, comments on interpretation, dynamics, phrasing and revisions to Vaughan Williams's notoriously unreliable metronome marks. The evidence of these scores is considered alongside the extensive correspondence between Vaughan Williams and Boult, Boult's private diaries and other relevant documents including contemporary press reports. The book includes three substantial supplements: a detailed description of Boult's marked scores, a comprehensive list of Boult's Vaughan Williams performances and a discography including surviving recordings of unpublished broadcasts. It will be indispensable reading for scholars and students of Vaughan Williams and historical conducting, Vaughan Williams enthusiasts and those interested in the history of recorded music.

Book cover of Sergei RachmaninoffNollan, Valeria Z. 2022. Sergei Rachmaninoff : Cross Rhythms of the Soul. Lanham: Lexington Books. [ML410 .R12 N65 2022X]

This book presents new information about Rachmaninoff accessed from unique sources previously unavailable in English. From the extraordinary women who inspired him, to his humanitarian work, to his religion, Nollan interweaves Rachmaninoff's personal struggles and triumphs into his concert career.

Book cover of Music and technologyPerone, James E. 2022. Music and Technology : a Historical Encyclopedia. Santa Barbara: Greenwood. [ML102 .T44 P37 2022X]

This volume explores how music technology has evolved over time, focusing on the types of technologies that have influenced, affected, and in some cases suddenly changed the way we create, distribute, and consume music. 

Book cover of Resonant learning in music therapyPedersen, Inge Nygaard, Charlotte Lindvang, Bolette Daniels Beck, Søren Willert, and Helen Odell-Miller. 2023. Resonant Learning in Music Therapy : a Training Model to Tune the Therapist. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. [ML3920 .T83 2023X]

This enlightening book outlines the Aalborg model of resonant learning and presents its educational benefits for students of music therapy. The book weighs up the advantages and disadvantages of this approach, and endorses the adoption of resonant learning in training courses for arts therapies around the world.

Book cover of Pesnopenii͡a Russkoĭ pravoslavnoĭ t͡serkvi v fondakh Rossiĭskoĭ gosudarstvennoĭ biblioteki : katalogSemeni͡uk, A. A. (Alla Alekseevna). 2019. Pesnopenii͡a Russkoĭ pravoslavnoĭ t͡serkvi v fondakh Rossiĭskoĭ gosudarstvennoĭ biblioteki : katalog. Moskva: Pashkov dom. [ML136 .M78 R76 2019]

Издания, вошедшие в каталог, представляют одну из самых ярких страниц русской музыкальной культуры — духовную музыку. Настоящая публикация продолжает тему каталога «Песнопения Русской православной церкви. Ч. 1. Сборники песнопений разных композиторов и песнопения без указания автора» (сост. А. А. Семенюк. Москва: Пашков дом, 2003).

Book cover of Ṣāliḥ ʻAbd al-Ḥayy : fāris al-ṭarabJamīl, Muḥibb. 2019. Ṣāliḥ ʻAbd al-Ḥayy : fāris al-ṭarab. Al-Ṭabʻah al-ūlá. Bayrūt: ʻIrab, Jamʻīyah ʻArabīyah lil-Mūsīqá. [ML420 .H299 J26 2019]

يتناول المشروع السيرة الذاتية والفنية للمطرب القدير صالح عبد الحي، باعتباره أحد أبرز الوجوه الغنائية خلال القرن العشرين. يساهم أيضاً في الحفاظ على الإرث الـموسيقى الضخم لـمدرسة النهضة التي لـمعت خلال القرن التاسع عشر؛ نظرًا لـمـا سجلّه من قوالب غنائية رصينة أمثال: الطقطوقة والـموشح والقصيدة والـموال والـمونولوج وكذلك الديالوج والدور.

Book cover of Khroniki moego andegraundaChubraev, Sergeĭ. 2020. Khroniki moego andegraunda. Moskva: Izdatelʹstvo Lingvistika. [ML3435.6 .R8 C48 2020]

Это автобиографическая хроника молодого человека, проделавшего путь из Ленинграда в Петербург, из позднего, застойного социализма в дикий капитализм 90-х. Попутно автор делится множеством историй, сложивших то непростое время в единую картинку. Сергей Чубраев - свидетель подъема ленинградской рок-волны, а также в разное время архитектор, продюсер, искусствовед и хранитель музыкального и художественного архива ленинградского андеграунда 80-х.

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  • CD 76710 — Expressions / [works by Andrix, Archer, Godin, Grella-Mojeżko, Hannah, Lee, Pura, Purves and Sasonkin].
  • CD 76711 — Concierto de las Américas / Blair Zettl.
  • CD 76712 — Changing illusions / music by Richard Kidd.
  • CD 76713 — Get organised!.
  • CD 76714 — Blue skies.
  • CD 76715 — Ready aye ready.
  • CD 76716 — Liu xian xin shi jie / Xianggang jie ta yue tuan ; zhi hui, Chen Xinghua = Guitar new age / Hong Kong Guitar Orchestra ; conducted by Frog Chan.
  • CD 76717 — Overloaded ark / Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh.
  • CD 76718 — Pied piper fantasy / John Corigliano.
  • CD 76719 — Romaria : choral music from Brazil / Choir of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge.
  • CD 76720 — Classical music of Azerbaijan. 1, Symphonic.
  • CD 76721 — Classical music of Azerbaijan. 2, Ballet.
  • CD 76722 — Classical music of Azerbaijan. 3, Concerto.
  • CD 76723 — Joy to the world.
  • CD 76724 — German country and western : [Sonata and partita #1 for violin] / Bach.
  • CD 76725 — 60, Jeunesses musicales Canada : 60e anniversaire : saison 09-10 concerts = 60th anniversary : 09-10 season concerts.
  • CD 76726 — La carissima.
  • CD 76727-76728 — Russian masters, Canadian creations.
  • CD 76729-76730 — A playlist without borders / the Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma.
  • CD 76731 — Opening / Tord Gustavsen Trio.
  • CD 76732 — Detour / Boney James.
  • CD 76733 — Linger awhile / Samara Joy.
  • CD 76734 — The mandolin seasons / Vivaldi, Piazzolla.
  • CD 76735 — Dance music of the high Renaissance. Vol. 2.
  • CD 76736 — Six sonatas, op. 31 / W. T. Matiegka ; David Starobin, guitar.

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  • M2 .D353 Bd.16 — Sämtliche Werke / Ivo de Vento. Quinque motetae, duo madrigalia, gallicae cantiones duae, et quatuor germanicae : München, 1576 ; Vier Messen, Liturgische Einzelwerke und Madrigale
  • M3.1 .M568 2020 v.1 — Composizioni sacre / Valentino Miserachs. Mottetti e inni eucaristici e di comunione : per vari organici a cappella e con organo.
  • M8 .P75 no.1 1996 — First sonata for organ / Florence B. Price ; edited by Calvert Johnson.
  • M8 .S3863 S6 2020 — Sämtliche Orgelsonaten = Complete organ sonatas / Camillo Schumann ; herausgegeben von Antje Wissemann = edited by Antje Wissemann.
  • M9 .K68 P3 2019 — Partita for organ (2019) / Olli Kortekangas.
  • M9 .P83 S8 2020 — Suite no. 1 for organ / [Florence Beatrice Price] ; edited by Calvert Johnson.
  • M9 .P83 V3 1996 — Variations on a folksong : Peter, go ring dem bells : for organ / Florence Beatrice Price ; edited by Calvert Johnson.
  • M11 .S2569 C6 2020 — Due composizioni : per organo / Grazia Salvatori.
  • M11 .U76 I5 2017 — Impromptu in Es : für Orgel = for organ / Catherine Urner ; herausgegeben von Gisbert Wüst.
  • M22 .Z427 C4 2022 — Chinese dream / Zhang Zhao.
  • M23 .S578 no.6 2021 — Piano sonata no. 6 / Roberto Sierra.
  • M23 .S578 no.8 2021 — Piano sonata no. 8 / Roberto Sierra.
  • M24 .B88976 T6 2021 — Toccata and retro-invention : for solo piano / Howard J. Buss
  • M25 .F425 R4 2022 — Reflets : pour piano (2018) / Ivan Fedele.
  • M25 .H2665 A33 2022 — Afghanistan my homeland (Watan Jan) : for solo piano (2022) / Sadie Harrison.
  • M25 .H2665 T6 2022 — To dear Cleg : 10 portraits of Frederick Septimus Kelly : for solo piano (2021) / Sadie Harrison.
  • M25 .K2515 A4 2021 — Alluvion : for solo piano / Laura Kaminsky.
  • M25 .O423 B3 2021 — Bagatelle : ode to Beethoven : solo piano : 2012 / Seung-Won Oh.
  • M25 .Z337 op.17 2020 v.1 — Sześć utworów charakterystycznych : na fortepian = Six character pieces : for piano / Władysław Żeleński ; ed. Anna Miernik.
  • M26 .S43 S6 2021 — Piano sonata no. 7 : for the left hand alone / Roberto Sierra.
  • M52 .B661285 R6 2021 — 4 rock hommages : for electric cello / Fabrice Bollon.
  • M146 .A593 V4 2022 — Venus : for solo percussion / Francesco Antonioni.
  • M175.S26 S32 2008 — Ās̲ār-i Abū al-Ḥasan Ṣabā barā-yi santūr / tanẓīm va ijrā: Sāmān Z̤arrābī.
  • M178 .M43 S9 2020 — 5 petites symphonies / Darius Milhaud.
  • M219 .R572 S6 2021 — Eine Violinsonate für Violine und Klavier : (1971-1975) / Wolfgang Rihm.
  • M285 .E4 .N63 2014 — 9 écarts vers le défi : pour piano MIDI et station d'information musicale de l'Ircam / Ichiro Nodaïra.
  • M298 .N484 M34 2018 — Magic flu-idity : for solo-flute (and typewriter) : 2018 / Olga Neuwirth.
  • M317 .P43453 M9 2020 — Four mynyms for three players : for flute, clarinet in B-flat, and piano (1962) / Zenobia Perry, (ASCAP).
  • M322 .Q3 QV 2:29 2022 — Trio sonata in G major (QV 2:29), for transverse flute, violin & basso continuo / Johann Joachim Quantz ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M322 M322 .S874 S6 2021 — Triosonate D-Dur für Oboe, Violine und Basso continuo / Augustin Ferdinand Stricker ; Herausgeber: Hans-Heinrich Kriegel.
  • M351 .S813 T7 2022 — Six trio sonatas , op. 16, (nr. 1 and nr. 2), for 2 violins & violoncello / Carl Philipp Stamitz ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M385 .S2513 A7 2021 — Arquitecturas del eco : für Schlagzeug Trio = for percussion trio / José M. Sanchez-Verdú.
  • M452 .A48 Q8 2019 — Streichquartett / Amalie von Sachsen ; herausgegeben von Petra Andrejewski.
  • M547 .H28 P4 2022 — ...the people of His pasture... : (scenes from the Luttrell Psalter) : version 2 for string trio, left hand piano & percussion : (2020-2021) / Sadie Harrison.
  • M557 .F59 op.95 2022 — Quintett D-Dur für Flöte, Oboe, Klarinette, Horn und Fagott, opus 95 / Josef Bohuslav Foerster ; herausgegeben von Bodo Koenigsbeck.
  • M585 .K36 N56 2018 — Nine waves : for string quartet and live electronics (Max) : (2013) / Ejnar Kanding.
  • M662 .D38 A93 2021 — Avec : pour flûte, clarinette Sib, cor, violon, alto et violoncelle / Bastien David.
  • M747 .G56 S4 2017 — Septuor par treize sources : 2017 / Vinko Globokar.
  • M747 .H23 F7 2022 — Framing... : 2018 / Georg Friedrich Haas.
  • M857 .K6 G5 2022 — Giving ground : for wind octet (2022) / Tonia Ko.
  • M937 .C46 C6 2021 — Coffin bubbles blue : Tell el-Amarna, 1988 : for e-guitar, ensemble & electronics / Raphaël Cendo.
  • M947 .L557 S63 2022 — Speak, be silent : for solo violin and ensemble, 2015 / Liza Lim.
  • M952 .G678 L3 2021 — Lachrymae variations : for 15 solo strings : (2014) / David Gorton.
  • M962 .F633 op.147 2022 — Nonett für Bläserquintett, Streichtrio und Kontrabass : opus 147 / Josef Bohuslav Foerster ; herausgegeben von Bodo Koenigsbeck.
  • M985 .G66 B6 2018 — Bouquet de paramètres sauvages : pour 14 instruments : 2018 / Vinko Globokar.
  • M985 .G66 P3 2017 — Passaggio verso il rischio : für Ensemble : 2017 / Vinko Globokar.
  • M985 .L732 C581 2021 — City of falling angels : 2006 / Liza Lim.
  • M985 .O33 C4 2022 — Cihangir : 2008 / Samir Odeh-Tamimi.
  • M985 .T66 J4 2016 — Jeux de couleurs : pour grand ensemble / Ton-That Tiet.
  • M985 .Z16 I5 2021 — In praise of heroes : for winds, brass & percussion / Judith Lang Zaimont.
  • M1001 .B882 op. 10 2021 — Symphony in B♭, op. 10 / Phillip Brookes.
  • M1001 .H4 H. I 104 2020 — Sinfonie D-Dur, Hob. I:104 / Joseph Haydn ; herausgegeben von Hubert Unverricht ; Vorwort von Ulrich Wilker.
  • M1001 .S378 S4 2020 — Sinfonietta : für Orchester / Heinz Schubert.
  • M1001 .T19 S5 2021 — Sinfonia piccola / Alexandre Tansman.
  • M1002 .S253 F6 2021 — Frühlingswogen : symphonische Dichtung (As-Dur) für grosses Orchester, op. 87 / komponiert von Philipp Scharwenka.
  • M1004 .P36 F7 2022 — Overture to "The frogs" / C. Hubert H. Parry.
  • M1010 .B397 D6 2021 — Don Quixote concerto : memories of a knight errant : for a pianist, his assistant & chamber orchestra / Franck Bedrossian ; edited by Misael Gauchat.
  • M1010 .M278 D89 2021 — D'un jardin féérique : pour piano et orchestre / Bruno Mantovani.
  • M1012 .K6 C6 2021 — Violin concerto / Earl Kim.
  • M1024 .M66 C6 2022 — Clarinet concerto in D major (MWV 6.36), for clarinet, strings & basso continuo / Johann Melchior Molter ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M1024 .U884 P92 2021 — Pya-ryu : for solo clarinet and orchestra, 2018 / Shiori Usui.
  • M1040 .K876 C6 2021 — Konzert F-Dur für Flöte, Fagott und Orchester / Franz Krommer ; herausgegeben von Jean-Christophe Dassonville.
  • M1045 .A87 H5 2019 — Himmel Punk : for orchestra : (2016) / Antti Auvinen.
  • M1045 .A87 T8 2019 — Turbo aria : for orchestra with sampler (2017/2018) / Antti Auvinen.
  • M1045 .C263 A7 2021 — Art spirit : pour orchestre / Régis Campo.
  • M1045 .C263 W6 2021 — The wonder of life : (d'après un choral de Bach) : pour orchestre / Régis Campo.
  • M1045 .G395 C6 2022 — Come un lasciapassare : per elettronica ed orchestra (2014) / Daniele Ghisi.
  • M1045 .H1185 Z94 2021 — Zugabe : 2015 / Georg Friedrich Haas.
  • M1045 .L738 F68 2021 — Flying banner : (after Wang To) : "Fanfare" for orchestra : 2005 / Liza Lim.
  • M1045 .L83 J3 2022 — Jahreswechsel : für Kammerorchester (1993-94) / Luca Lombardi.
  • M1060 .B22 C66 1940 — Concerto in D minor. Vivaldi-Bach ; transcribed for full orchestra by Dezsö d'Antalffy.
  • M1112 .F83 C6 2022 — Konzert g-Moll für Solo-Violine, 2 Violinen rip., Viola und Basso continuo / Johann Frey ; Herausgeber: Hans-Heinrich Kriegel.
  • M1122 .G68 C62 2022 — Oboe d'amore concerto in D major (GraunWV Cv:XIII:109), for oboe d'amore, strings & basso continuo / Johann Gottlieb Graun ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M1138 .V56 C63 2017 — Laibach concerto no 3 : for marimba, percussion, chamber string orchestra & electronics / Davor Branimir Vincze.
  • M1500 .K74 L4 2021 v.2 — Leben des Orest : grosse Oper in fünf Bildern, op. 60 : (1928/1929) / Ernst Křenek. 3.-5. Akt.
  • M1500 .P65 S73 2022 — Statira : Venezia, Teatro San Giovanni Grisostomo, 1742 / Nicola Porpora ; llibret de = libreto de = libretto by Francesco Silvani - Carlo Goldoni
  • M1503 .B665 D6 2020 — La donna nel quadro : opera in un atto / Carlo Boccadoro ; libretto di Dario Oliveri ; riduzione per canto e pianoforte di Paolo Coggiola.
  • M1505 .K32 R6 2021 — Robert S. : Robert Schumann in Düsseldorf : 2011 / Georg Katzer.
  • M1520 .R28 D34 2022 — Daphnis et Chloé : ballet en trois parties pour choeur et orchestre / Maurice Ravel ; edité par Jean-François Monnard.
  • M1529.5 .F68 T7 2020 — Trostlieder : In Widerwertigkeit des Kriegs : for seven solo voices (SSATTBB) / Christopher Fox.
  • M1529.5 .L363 D5 2022 — Disiecta membra : per 6 voci (2014) / Mauro Lanza.
  • M1530 .C32 A6 2020 — Apocalypsis : pour chœur et orchestre / Édith Canat de Chizy.
  • M1530.3 .P38 N43 2018 — A new eaarth : for orchestra, chorus and narrator / Robert Paterson ; words by Wendell Berry, James Joyce, Percy Bysshe Shelley, William Wordsworth.
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  • ML76 .F76 C46 2021 — The Chopin games : history of the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in 1927-2015 / Ada Arendt, Marcin Bogucki, Paweł Majewski, Kornelia Sobczak ; edited by Paweł Majewski ; translated by Tomasz Zymer
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