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Weekly highlights

Book cover for Josquin.Fallows, David. 2020. Josquin. Turnhout: Brepols. [ML410 .J815 F35 2020]

A great deal of research over the past forty years has had an impact Josquin’s music: most of his works are now available in high-quality recordings that make them easily familiar to any researcher, and the main sources have been far more thoroughly explored. Furthermore, new biographical findings, particularly within the last ten years, have shown that much of what was written about Josquin’s life was based on documents that concerned other people entirely. For example, Josquin’s birthdate has been advanced by more than ten years, with major consequences for our view not only of his music and its chronology, but also of most other music of the time. This book assembles and assesses the newly available material. It builds the main works into the narrative of Josquin’s life. Appendices include a critical listing of the documents about Josquin, a summary of later literary references to him, summaries of the relevant information about the main figures mentioned in the book, a list of other musicians at the time named ‘Josquin’ or something similar (35 of them!), and much more.

Book cover for PunkWeidman, Rich. 2022. Punk : the Definitive Guide to the Blank Generation and Beyond. Essex, Connecticut: Backbeat Books. [ML3534 .W433 2022]

Punk: The Definitive Guide to the Blank Generation and Beyond serves as the most exhaustive treatment of the punk movement-not only its music, which Rich Weidman exhaustively details from the proto-punk bands of the 1960s through the pop punk of the 1990s and 2000s to today's punk scene-but also the significant impact of punk on culture itself in terms of attitude, ideology, fashion and style, film, literature, and art.

Book cover of At the crossroads of Music and Social JusticeRomero, Brenda M., Susan Miyo Asai, David A. McDonald, Andrew Snyder, and Katelyn E. Best. 2022. At the Crossroads of Music and Social Justice. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press. [ML3799.2 .A78 2022]

Music is powerful and transformational, but can it spur actual social change? A powerful collection of essays, At the Crossroads of Music and Social Justice studies the meaning of music within a community to investigate the intersections of sound and race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and differing abilities. Ethnographic work from a range of theoretical frameworks uncovers and analyzes the successes and limitations of music's efficacies in resolving conflicts, easing tensions, reconciling groups, promoting unity, and healing communities. This volume is rooted in the Crossroads Section for Difference and Representation of the Society for Ethnomusicology, whose mandate is to address issues of diversity, difference, and underrepresentation in the society and its members' professional spheres. Activist scholars who contribute to this volume illuminate possible pathways and directions to support musical diversity and representation. At the Crossroads of Music and Social Justice is an excellent resource for readers interested in real-world examples of how folklore, ethnomusicology, and activism can, together, create a more just and inclusive world.

Book cover of Authenticity in the music of Video GamesLind, Stephanie. 2023. Authenticity in the Music of Video Games. Lanham: Lexington Books. [ML3540.7 .L55 2023]

Lind explores gamers' relationship to the concept of authenticity, from historical realism to the structuring of expectations and its resulting impact on emotional engagement. The result is a complex web of interactions between sound and the visuals, story, and mechanics of the game.

Book cover of The Music of the spheres in the Western imaginationKendall, David J. 2022. The Music of the Spheres in the Western Imagination. Lanham: Lexington Books. [ML3849 .K47 2022]

This book describes various Western musical ecologies of the cosmos developed from the ancient world to the present, ecologies that seek to define the creation and preservation of the universe through musical principles. The author explores centuries of musical treatises, hymns, and Western fiction.

Book cover of Sergei RachmaninoffMitchell, Rebecca. 2022. Sergei Rachmaninoff. London: Reaktion Books. [ML410 .R12 M58 2022]

Drawing extensively on Russian-language sources, a concise yet comprehensive survey of the life and work of one of classical music’s great composers. Unquestionably one of the most popular composers of classical music, Sergei Rachmaninoff has not always been so admired by critics. Detractors have long perceived Rachmaninoff as part of an outdated Romantic tradition from a bygone Russian world, aloof from the modernist experimentation of more innovative contemporaries such as Igor Stravinsky. In this new assessment, Rebecca Mitchell resituates Rachmaninoff in the context of his time, bringing together the composer and his music within the remarkably dynamic era in which he lived and worked. Both in Russia and later in America, Rachmaninoff and his music were profoundly modern expressions of life in tune with an uncertain world. This concise yet comprehensive biography will interest general readers as well as those more familiar with this giant of Russian classical music.

Book cover of Performing electronic music liveHermes, Kirsten. 2022. Performing Electronic Music Live. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. [MT724 .H47 2022]

This comprehensive book lays out the conceptual approaches, tools and techniques for performing electronic music, from DJing, DAWs, MIDI controllers, traditional instruments, live sound design, hardware setups, custom software and hardware to live visuals, venue acoustics and live show promotion. Via the companion website,, readers can expand on their knowledge with hands-on video tutorials for each chapter. Live music is exhilarating - it creates life-changing experiences and powerful emotions. Technology can make us feel empowered, enable us to overcome limiting beliefs and allow us to achieve a high level of creative expression, no matter our background or skillset. The options are virtually endless, ranging from laptop setups to new instruments built from scratch. Through case studies and contrasting tutorials by successful artists, Kirsten Hermes guides us through many different ways in which you can create memorable experiences on stage. This is backed up with historic and scientific facts ranging from psychology to marketing. The book also features interviews with highly accomplished musicians and practitioners, including superstar trance DJ Alex M.O.R.P.H., BBC Audio R&D and live show designer Laura Escudé, who has worked with Kanye West, Missy Elliot and Herby Hancock. The book is not a dogmatic to-do list, but rather, it explores many contrasting examples of successful approaches, to help you turn overwhelm into inspiration. Whether you are a student, hobby producer or a more advanced performer, this book gives you a comprehensive overview over your options. Students of music production courses, particularly at postgraduate level, but also researchers in the field of creative-focused performance technology will find this to be a useful, all-encompassing resource, with many starting points and resources for a deeper creative exploration.

Book cover of The Marriage between literature and musicCeramella, Nick. 2022. The Marriage Between Literature and Music. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. [ML3849 .M37 2022]

Music and literature have often been interconnected through the centuries. This is an intellectual and spiritual marriage between two artistic worlds, which are both part of a creative system that lends voice to one another. As this book argues, while music is one single form of expression, literature can be expressed in the form of either poetry or prose. However, they find their apotheosis, their most natural relationship, when poetry is set to music, especially when it is lyrical and has similar phrasing and rhythms to music. The book, thus, shows that music offers an additional perspective to literature, while the latter gives words to the feelings that the former arouses. As such, though both can stand alone, if put together, they form a complementary entity that everybody can enjoy.

Book cover of Meyerbeer’s L’Africaine : History, Heroism and the Mythological HermeneuticLetellier, Robert Ignatius. 2022. Meyerbeer’s L’Africaine : History, Heroism and the Mythological Hermeneutic. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. [ML410 .M61 L48 2022]

Vasco de Gama was the last collaboration between Giacomo Meyerbeer and Eugène Scribe, the famous playwright and librettist. The work had intermittently preoccupied them both since 1838, and it had become legendary as L’Africaine years before its completion. The first version of the opera became known as the Vecchia Africana of the long years of Meyerbeer’s anxious labours on this most troublesome of his operas An adoring public gave Meyerbeer a tumultuous posthumous accolade on the première of L'Africaine on 28 April 1865, a year after his death. This opera which involved Meyerbeer and Scribe’s creative energies for so long includes in one last and splendid achievement many of the elements that had hitherto featured in varying degrees in all their other joint creations. Both composer and librettist were men of immense imagination and genius. Between them, they created four works of great power and beauty that radically affected the history of opera. This study examines the origins and creation of the opera, its dramaturgy and musical style, the history of its astonishing reception around the world until the 1930s, its revival in more recent times. One of the special features of the book is the collection of iconography associated with the work, and its interpretation by many of the greatest singers of the Golden Age of opera. This imagery and many musical examples help to bring out the themes explored in this work more fully.

Book cover of Muzyka liturgii ėpokhi klassit︠s︡izma : notnye publikat︠s︡ii i issledovanii︠a︡Lebedeva-Emelina, A. V. (Antonina Viktorovna), E. I︠U︡. Antonenko, and K. V. Pasternak. 2022. Muzyka liturgii ėpokhi klassit︠s︡izma : notnye publikat︠s︡ii i issledovanii︠a︡. Moskva: Izdatelʹskiĭ dom I︠A︡SK. [ML2937 .L43 2022]

В настоящем издании впервые в полном виде собрано музыкально-литургическое наследие эпохи классицизма — с 1760‑х до 1825 года, с начала царствования Екатерины II до конца правления Александра I. В этот период в России возникла профессиональная композиторская школа, духовная музыка достигла классического совершенства. Нотный текст публикуемых произведений базируется на источниках рубежа XVIII–XIX веков — изданиях и манускриптах, хранящихся в крупнейших архивах Москвы, Петербурга и Киева. В развернутых текстологических комментариях приводится свод рукописных и печатных источников. В научный обиход впервые вводятся многие иллюстративные материалы. Благодаря данной публикации, духовая музыка классицизма обогащается яркими, талантливыми сочинениями, которые могут быть использованы за богослужением и в концертной практике. Издание предназначено для профессионалов — певчих, регентов, хористов, хормейстеров, историков и музыковедов — и всех любителей русской духовной музыкальной культуры.

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  • CD 76882 — Watertown / Frank Sinatra.
  • CD 76883 — Poetic tone pictures / Dvořák.
  • CD 76884 — Storyteller / Justin Benavidez, tuba.
  • CD 76885 — Boulevard des italiens / Benjamin Bernheim.
  • CD 76886 — Together / Vienna Boys Choir.
  • CD 76887 — The late sonatas : opp. 101 & 106 / Beethoven ; Maurizio Pollini.
  • CD 76888 — Iconic / David Garrett.
  • CD 76889-76890 — Mondays at the Enfield Tennis Academy / Jeff Parker, Josh Johnson, Anna Butterss, Jay Bellerose.
  • CD 76891 — Estrela acesa / Sessa.
  • CD 76892 — Canti di guerra, di lavoro e d'amore / Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker.
  • CD 76893-76894 — The turn of the screw / Britten.
  • CD 76895 — La Senna festeggiante = La Seine en Fête / Antonio Vivaldi.
  • CD 76896 — The ride / Nelly Furtado.
  • CD 76897-76898 — Jurowski conducts Stravinsky. Vol. 1 / Vladimir Jurowski, conductor ; Anghrad Lyddon, mezzo-soprano ; London Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • CD 76899 — Putumayo presents Québec.
  • CD 76900 — Outcast / Matangi.
  • CD 76901 — I survived, it's over / Rich Ruth.
  • CD 76902-76903 — Searching in Grenoble : the 1978 solo piano concert / Mal Waldron.
  • CD 76904 — Forest floor / Fergus McCreadie.
  • CD 76905 — Le concert des oiseaux ; &, Le carnaval des animaux en péril / La Reveuse.
  • CD 76906-76910 — Operas = Die Singspiele / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • CD 76911-76912 — Der Freischütz / C.M. von Weber.
  • CD 76913-76919 — The piano sonatas on Mozart's fortepiano / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • CD 76920 — To music ; Troubadours ; Symphony no. 2 / John Corigliano.
  • CD 76921-76923 — The art of life / Bach ; Daniil Trifonov.
  • CD 76924-76926 — Voces / Walter Zimmermann.
  • CD 76927-76937 — The Bach dynasty : Johann Sebastian, Carl Philipp Emanuel, Johann Ludwig, Wilhelm Friedemann, Johann Christian / Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin.
  • CD 76938-76940 — Recomposed / Bernd Alois Zimmermann.
  • CD 76941-76945 — The complete 78-rpm solo recordings, 1908-1945.
  • CD 76946-76948 — That's what happened. 1981-1985 / Miles Davis.
  • CD 76949-76950 — Wonderworld / Gina Alice.
  • CD 76951-76952 — Vespro di Natale = Christmas vespers / Claudio Monteverdi (La Cetra ; Andrea Marcon)
  • CD 76953-76955 — Grigory Sokolov at Esterhazy Palace / Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert.
  • CD 76956-76958 — The symphonies / Schumann ; Staatskapelle Berlin ; Daniel Barenboim.
  • CD 76959-76960 — Schubert transfiguration : symphonie inachevée no. 8 en si mineur ; grande symphonie no. 9 en ut majeur / Franz Schubert.
  • CD 76961 — Songs with orchestra / Jules Massenet.
  • CD 76962 — Missa Faulte d'argent & motets / Jean Mouton.
  • CD 76963 — Hollywood soundstage / Sinfonia of London ; John Wilson.

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  • M3 .C64 2000 v.52:pt.4 — Opera omnia / Muzio Clementi. Clementi's Selection of practical harmony WO 7 per organo o pianoforte. Vol. 4
  • M22 .L77 P25 2022 — Années de pèlerinage. Troisième Année : Italie : S163 ; Trois odes funèbres : S516, S516a, S517 : pour le piano / Franz Liszt ; édité de Leslie Howard.
  • M25 .M25216 T8 2021 — 24 preludes and fugues for piano / Paolo Marchettini.
  • M214 .C817 op.25 2019 — Sonata per due pianoforte opus 25 / Roland Coryn.
  • M217 .V54 S3 2021 — Henri Vieuxtemps repertoire : the best pieces for violin and piano = die schönsten Stücke für Violine und Klavier
  • M218 .H877 O3 2019 — Works for violin and piano : (1983-2009) / Leslie Hurwitz ; edited by Ricardo Odriozola.
  • M226 .G64 S6 2021 — Sonata in D minor for piano and viola / Michail I. Glinka ; edited and completed by Igor Andreev
  • M231 .F39 op.117 2020 — Sonata no. 2 in g minor op. 117 for violoncello and piano / Gabriel Fauré ; edited by Fabian Kolb (Henle)
  • M240 .J68 2020 — Joy of music : discoveries from the Schott archives. Virtuoso and entertaining pieces for flute and piano
  • M312 .M9 K.442 2019 — Drei Sätze für Klaviertrio : Fragmente KV 442 / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ; herausgegeben von Wolf-Dieter Seiffert
  • M312.4 .C15 op.2 no.3-4 2021 — Twelve trio sonatas, op. 2. Sonatas nr. 3 & 4 : for 2 violins & basso continuo / Antonio Caldara
  • M317 .S755 op.2 no.6 2022 — Trio sonata in G Major (op. 2, nr. 6), for 2 transverse flutes or violins & basso continuo / Anton Wilhelm Solnitz
  • M362 .S356 M8 2021 — Mura : kleines Trio für Flöte, Geige und Cello, op. 16 : (1955) / Erich Schmid ; hrsg. von Iris Eggenschwiler.
  • M452 .F92 Q25 2020 — Quartett in c-Moll für 2 Violinen, Viola und Violoncello / Friedrich Theodor Fröhlich
  • M462 .M37 Q37 2020 — Quartetto n. 1 in sol maggiore : (1814) / Saverio Mercadante.
  • M512 .D994 op.81 2021 — Klavierquintett A-Dur, Opus 81 = Piano quintet in A major, op. 81 / Antonín Dvořák ; herausgegeben von Dominik Rahmer
  • M517 .H9 S9 2019 — Suite pour 4 instruments a vent et piano : for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and piano, (1929) / Albert Huybrechts
  • M547 .B75 R2 2019 — Het raadsel van de Sfinks / L. Brewaeys.
  • M652 .B8 op.36 2019 — Streichsextett Nr. 2, G-Dur, Opus 36 / Joh. Brahms ; herausgegeben von Katrin Eich.
  • M662 .K32 B5 2017 — Bluets : for mixed chamber ensemble (2017) / Gabriel Kahane.
  • M985 .Z57 D5 2022 — Divagations : 2020-2021 / Gérard Zinsstag.
  • M1004 .A492 O84 2022 — Overture : Jupiter's fairground : (1991) / Eleanor Alberga.
  • M1011 .O83 C6 2018 copy 2 — Concerto pour piano et orchestre = Piano kyōsōkyoku / Atsutada Otaka.
  • M1012 .J46 E5 2022 — Enchantment : for solo violin and strings / Karl Jenkins.
  • M1014 .H44 C3 2020 — Cantabile : Konzert für Viola und Orchester (2019) / David Philip Hefti.
  • M1045 .J537 S7 2022 — The story of Wales : for orchestra / Karl Jenkins.
  • M1112 .J388 S37 2022 — Sarikiz : Violin concerto for solo violin and strings, with optional wind, timpani and percussion / Karl Jenkins.
  • M1114 .H33 S6 2022 — Songs of sorrow, songs of joy : Konzert Nr. 2 für Viola und Streichorchester (2022) / David Philip Hefti.
  • M1530 .A42 A7 2021 — Arise, Athena! / Alberga.
  • M1530 .J462 B3 2022 — The bards of Wales : cantata for chorus, soloists and orchestra = A walesi bárdok:Beirdd Cymru: / Karl Jenkins
  • M1530 .V345 J64 2018b — John Bauer-svit 1918 : for orchestra and mixed choir : 2018 / Jonas Valfridsson.
  • M1579 .M113 P7 2017 — Il primo libro de madrigali a quattro voci / Giovanni de Macque ; a cura di Giuseppina Lo Coco.
  • M1579 .M877 2022 — Le nozze de Firenze : for 4-9 voices : 1539 / Francesco Corteccia and other composers
  • M1613.3 .S345 B45 2022 — Bei Spuren von Wasser und Salz : Kammermusik für Stimme und 11 Instrumentalisten : 1987 / Annette Schlünz
  • M2013 .A75 H6 2019 — The Holy Spirit mass : for mixed voices with organ or strings & piano / Kim André Arnesen.
  • M2082 .C63 2022 v.1 — Collectio canticorum : 50 sacred songs for 4-6 voices : 1537 / various composers, assembled by Joannes Otto
  • M2082 .C63 2022 v.2 — Collectio canticorum : 50 sacred songs for 4-6 voices : 1537 / various composers, assembled by Joannes Otto
  • M2082 .C63 2022 v.3 — Collectio canticorum : 50 sacred songs for 4-6 voices : 1537 / various composers, assembled by Joannes Otto
  • M2082 .C63 2022 v.4 — Collectio canticorum : 50 sacred songs for 4-6 voices : 1537 / various composers, assembled by Joannes Otto
  • M2082 .E53 2022 — 24 motets : for 4 voices : 1549 / Philippe Verdelot and other composers
  • M2082 .P35 N8 2022 — Cantiones nuptiales : for 4-7 voices / David Palladius
  • MT305 .D87 E87 2021 — 21 Etüden für Violoncello = 21 etudes for violoncello / Jean-Louis Duport ; herausgegeben von Norbert Gertsch

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  • ML207 .C8 C67 2011 — Música y memoria histórica / María de los Ángeles Córdova de la Paz.
  • ML220 .G9 A63 2018 — Escritos (1843-1853) : pedagogía, periodismo, crítica e historia musical centroamericana en el siglo xix / José Escolástico Andrino
  • ML398 .M59 2015 — Miz͡hnarodna naukovo-praktychna konferent͡sii͡a "Kobzarstvo XX--pochatku XXI stolitti͡a v imenakh: ĭoho tvort͡si ta khranyteli"
  • ML399 .Z44 2017 — Dudari / Bohdan Z͡Heplynsʹkyĭ [and three others].
  • ML410 .B4 R63316 1989 — Jîyanî Bethovên / Romen Rolan
  • ML410 .F277 M37 2016 — Roberto Faz : sonero de Cuba / Gaspar Marrero Pérez-Urría.
  • ML410 .J815 F35 2020 — Josquin / David Fallows.
  • ML410 .M61 L48 2022 — Meyerbeer's L'Africaine : history, heroism and the mythological hermeneutic / Robert Ignatius Letellier.
  • ML410 .R12 M58 2022 — Sergei Rachmaninoff / Rebecca Mitchell.
  • ML410 .W286 R53 2020 — Johann Walter (1496-1570) : Begründer der evangelischen Kirchenmusik : Leben und Werk / Christa Maria Richter
  • ML420 .I176 I26 2019 — Kogda dusha li͡ubila dushu : vospominanii͡a o barde Kate I͡Arovoĭ / Tatʹi͡ana I͡Ankovskai͡a.
  • ML420 .K9735 B37 2002 — Seyîd ʻElî Esẍerî Kurdistanî / Miḧemed Ḧeme Baqî.
  • ML420 .X36 X67 2006 — Mîryem Xan / Celal Melah̋esen Xoşnaw, Cengı̂ Celal Melah̋esen ; pêdaçűmewey: D. Mih̋emmed ʻEzîz Zara.
  • ML1039 .M37 2016 — Midnyĭ holos vikiv / Halyna Marchuk, Nadii͡a Sevri͡ukova.
  • ML1380 .L67 2019 — La guardia nueva : visiones sobre la música electrónica en el Perú / José Ignacio López Ramírez Gastón.
  • ML2937 .L43 2022 — Muzyka liturgii ėpokhi klassit︠s︡izma : notnye publikat︠s︡ii i issledovanii︠a︡ / A.V. Lebedeva-Emelina
  • ML3534 .W433 2022X — Punk : the definitive guide to the Blank Generation and beyond / Rich Weidman.
  • ML3540.7 .L55 2023X — Authenticity in the music of video games / Stephanie Lind.
  • ML3758 .U5 R34 2020 — Faḍāʼāt fulklūrīyah min ajwāʼ al-bīʼāt al-Imārātīyah wa-al-Khalījīyah : dirāsah ʻan al-funūn al-Imārātīyah wa-al-Khalījīyah qadīman : tashābuhuhā fī mawāḍiʻ wa-ikhtilāfuhā fī mawāḍiʻ ukhrá / Maṭar Ramaḍān.
  • ML3799.2 .A78 2022X — At the crossroads of music and social justice / edited by Brenda M. Romero, Susan M. Asai, David A. McDonald, Andrew G. Snyder, and Katelyn E. Best.
  • ML3849 .K47 2022X — The music of the spheres in the Western imagination / David J. Kendall.
  • ML3849 .M37 2022Y — The marriage between literature and music / edited by Nick Ceramella.
  • MT724 .H47 2022 — Performing electronic music live / Kirsten Hermes.

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