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Book cover of Arcana IXZorn, John. 2021. Arcana IX : Musicians on Music. New York, NY: Hips Road. [ML55 .A67 2021Y]

Initiated in 1997 and now in its ninth installment, John Zorn's Arcana series is a major source of new music theory and practice in the 21st century. To date, close to 300 musicians spanning three generations have contributed, addressing the inner workings of composing, improvising, teaching, living, touring and thinking about music via essays, manifestoes, interviews, notebook entries, critical papers and more. Arcana illuminates via personal vision and experience through the undiluted words and thoughts of the practitioners themselves. This ninth volume is perhaps the most varied and imaginative installment yet, with contributions from classical masters John Luther Adams, Osvaldo Golijov, Ann Cleare and Aaron Jay Kernis, jazz virtuosos Christian McBride, Chris Potter, Tomeka Reid and Joel Ross, soundtrack composers Danny Elfman and Carter Burwell, vocalist Ganavya Doraiswami, recording engineer Ryan Streber and much, much more. Essential for composers, musicians, students and fans alike, this challenging and original collection provides deep insight into the work, mind and methodologies of some of the most remarkable creative minds of our time.

Book cover of Switched onGlinsky, Albert, and Francis Ford Coppola. 2022. Switched on : Bob Moog and the Synthesizer Revolution. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. [ML424 .M69 G55 2022X]

The Moog synthesizer "bent the course of music forever," Rolling Stone declared. Bob Moog, the man who did that bending, was a lovable geek with Einstein hair and pocket protectors. He walked into history in 1964 when his homemade contraption unexpectedly became a sensation. Suddenly everyone wanted a Moog. The Beatles, Doors, Byrds, and Stevie Wonder discovered the synth, and it was featured in film scores like Apocalypse Now and A Clockwork Orange. The Moog's game-changing sounds saturated 60s counterculture and burst into the Disco party in the 70s to set off the Electronic Dance Music movement. Bob had singlehandedly founded the synth industry and became a star. But he was also going broke. Imitators copied his technology, the musicians' union accused him of replacing live players, and Japanese competitors were overtaking his work. He struggled to hang on to his inventions, his business, and his very name. His story upends our notions of success and wealth, showing that the two don't always go together. In Switched On, Albert Glinsky draws on his exclusive access to Bob Moog's personal archives, and his probing interviews with Bob's family and a multitude of associates, for this first complete biography of the man and his work. Switched On seats the reader on Bob's roller coaster for a ride at turns triumphant, heartbreaking, and frequently laugh-out-loud absurd-a nuanced trip through the public and private worlds of this legendary inventor who permanently altered the course of music.

Book cover of Tommy, trauma, and postwar youth cultureMacLeod, Dewar. 2023. Tommy, Trauma, and Postwar Youth Culture. Albany, NY: Excelsior Editions, State University of New York Press. [ML410 .T69 M33 2023X]

Tommy, Trauma, and Postwar Youth Culture traces the development of one of rock music's central masterpieces and its relation to the social-cultural history of the era. Composer and guitarist Pete Townshend was the creative force behind the Who, one of Britain's greatest rock bands. Townshend grew up in an England decimated by the loss of life and hope that was the initial legacy of World War II. The product of a troubled childhood, Townshend faced ongoing struggles with sexual and personal trauma that colored his later work as a performer. An ambitious composer who wanted to create both pop hits and lasting personal works, Townshend achieved his greatest success with the Who through their 1969 rock opera, Tommy. Townshend gave many accounts of the work's evolution and its significance to him and he participated in and encouraged its continued legacy. Dewar MacLeod recounts his own interactions with Townshend and Tommy to draw out the work's impact, its critical reception, its place both in postwar history and the rock era, and its continuing relevance. This book will appeal to all interested in the history of rock, the creative process, and the long shadow of the 1960s.

Book cover of Días distintos : la fabulosa trilogía de fin de siglo de Andrés CalamaroLezcano, Walter. 2018. Días distintos : la fabulosa trilogía de fin de siglo de Andrés Calamaro. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Gourmet Musical Ediciones. [ML420 .C3367 L49 2018]

Un artista en estado de gracia, el calendario marcando las últimas horas del milenio y un país a punto de colapsar se conjugaron para la creación de una obra imprescindible que nos permite comprender el rock nacional de las últimas décadas. A fines del siglo xx, Andrés Calamaro lograba llevar adelante una trilogía involuntaria de discos inspirados y complejos, Alta suciedad, Honestidad brutaly El salmón, que lograron conectarlo con la sensibilidad de su pueblo y con la masividad en ambos lados del Atlántico. Mientras tanto, Argentina se preparaba para enfrentar su peor crisis social, económica e institucional desde la vuelta a la democracia. Es así como Andrés Calamaro puso sus canciones en función de las necesidades del momento, forzó sus límites corporales en busca de inspiración, dejó una huella en la historia cultural de Argentina y, de paso, se convirtió en el rockero más arriesgado de esos años. En este ensayo Walter Lezcano indaga en las diferentes dimensiones de esta trilogía y de uno de los artistas más notables de la música popular argentina e hispanoamericana en uno de sus periodos más profundos, notables y luminosos.

Book cover of Do You Remember? : Celebrating 50 Years of Earth, Wind & FireBailey, Trenton. 2023. Do You Remember? : Celebrating 50 Years of Earth, Wind & Fire. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi. [ML421 .E185 B25 2023X]

In Do You Remember? Celebrating Fifty Years of Earth, Wind & Fire, Trenton Bailey traces the humble beginning of Maurice White, his development as a musician, and his formation of Earth, Wind & Fire, a band that became a global phenomenon during the 1970s. By the early 1980s, the music industry was changing, and White had grown weary after working constantly for more than a decade. He decided to put the band on hiatus for more than three years. The band made a comeback in 1987, but White's health crisis soon forced them to tour without him. During the twenty-first century, the band has received numerous accolades and lifetime achievement and hall of fame awards. The band remains relevant today, collaborating with younger artists and maintaining their classic sound. Earth, Wind & Fire stood apart from other soul bands with their philosophical lyrics and extravagant visual art, much of which is studied in the book, including album covers, concerts, and music videos. The lyrics of hit songs are examined alongside an analysis of the band's chart success. Earth, Wind & Fire has produced twenty-one studio albums and several compilation albums. Each album is analyzed for content and quality. Earth, Wind & Fire is also known for using ancient Egyptian symbols, and Bailey thoroughly details those symbols and Maurice White's fascination with Egyptology. After enduring many personnel changes, Earth, Wind & Fire continues to perform around the world and captivate diverse audiences.

Book cover of Music in German PoliticsDonovan, Siobhán, and Maria Euchner. 2022. Music in German Politics, Politics in German Music. Rochester, New York: Camden House. [ML275 .M87 2022Y]

A particularly iconic image of German Reunification is that of Mstislav Rostropovich playing from J. S. Bach's cello suites in front of the Berlin Wall on November 11, 1989. Thirty years on, it is timely to reconsider the cross-fertilization of music and politics within the German-speaking context. Frequently employed as a motivational force, a propaganda tool, or even a weapon, music can imbue a sense of identity and belonging, triggering both comforting and disturbing memories. Playing a key role in the formation of Heimat and "Germanness," it serves ideological, nationalistic, and propagandistic purposes conveying political messages and swaying public opinion. This volume brings together essays by historians, literary scholars, and musicologists on topics concerning the increasing politicization of music, especially since the nineteenth century. They cover a broad spectrum of genres, musicians, and thinkers, discussing the interplay of music and politics in "classical" and popular music: from the rediscovery and repurposing of Martin Luther in nineteenth-century Germany to the exploitation of music during the Third Reich, from the performative politics of German punk and pop music to the influence of the events of 1988/89 on operatic productions in the former GDR - up to the relevance of Ernst Bloch in our contemporary post-truth society.

Book cover of Music and liturgy, Identity and formationWhittaker, Sue, and Roberta Rose King. 2021. Music and Liturgy, Identity and Formation : a Study of Inculturation in Turkey. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications. [ML3151 .T85 W45 2021Y]

Music and Liturgy, Identity and Formation is a one-of-a-kind book about All Saints Moda Church in Istanbul. In this book, Sue Whittaker explores the ways Dr. Turgay Ucal, the MBB founding pastor, has intuitively blended Christian faith and the local urban culture. Indigenous songs and adaptations of Reformed liturgy work together to enable worshipers to feel comfortable with Christianity. Images, customs, and gestures guide seekers into new ways to pray and live their lives. Turgay's theologically sound approach provides a welcoming Christian home for Muslims searching to connect to Allah/God. For thirty years, the practices and strategies detailed in this book have merged to clearly present the gospel message in culturally appropriate ways. The principles of the All Saints Moda Church model of inculturation can be applied to Christian ministry among Muslims in all countries and cultures worldwide.

Book cover for A History of Pittsburgh Jazz : Swinging in the Steel CityGazarik, Richard, and Karen Anthony Cole. 2021. A History of Pittsburgh Jazz : Swinging in the Steel City. Charleston, SC: The History Press. [ ML3508.8 .P57 G39 2021X]

Pittsburgh's contributions to the uniquely American art form of jazz are essential to its national narrative. Fleeing the Jim Crow South in the twentieth century, African American migration to the industrial North brought musical roots that would lay the foundation for jazz culture in the Steel City. As migrant workers entered the factories of Pittsburgh, juke joints and nightclubs opened in the segregated neighborhoods of the Hill District, Northside and East Liberty. The scene fostered numerous legends, including Art Blakey, Billy Strayhorn, George Benson, Erroll Garner and Earl ""Fatha"" Hines. The music is sustained today in the practice rooms of the city's universities and by groups such as the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild and the African American Music Institute. Authors Richard Gazarik and Karen Anthony Cole chart the swinging history of jazz in Pittsburgh.

Book cover for Voice DisordersSapienza, Christine M., and Bari Hoffman. 2022. Voice Disorders. San Diego, CA: Plural Publishing. [RF510 .S25 2022X]

With Voice Disorders, Fourth Edition, authors Christine Sapienza, PhD and Bari Hoffman, PhD have created a comprehensive package for learning. The authors uniquely blend voice science with voice treatments ranging from traditional interventions to recent advances in cellular therapies, muscle strength training, and treatments for special populations. The text has been extensively updated with clinical evidence-based information and comes with a robust online companion website including a study workbook, videos, audio files, and case studies.

Book cover for The empowered performerStohrer, Sharon, and Jacquilyn Richardson. 2022. The Empowered Performer : the Musician’s Companion in Building Confidence & Conquering Performance Anxiety. United States: [Sharon L. Stohrer]. [ML3830 .S77 2022]

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  • M1001 .B915 L.299 2020 — Sinfonía en si bemol mayor, L 299 / Cayetano Brunetti.
  • M1001 .L5603 no.1 2021 — Sümfoonia nr 1 cis-Moll op. 5 : sümfooniaorkestrile = Symphony no. 1 in C sharp minor, op. 5 : for symphony orchestra / Artur Lemba.
  • M1004 .B57 E86 2019 — Tragische Ouvertüre : Ouvertüre zur Oper "Estrella de Soria" / Franz Berwald.
  • M1004 .C56 V5 2020 — La villana riconosciuta : sinfonia dall'opera / Domenico Cimarosa.
  • M1004 .S76 op.15a 2021 — Die Prüfung : Ouvertüre zur Operette : op. 15a / Louis Spohr ; herausgegeben von Christian Schubert.
  • M1012 .F87 C62 2021 — Violin concerto no. 2 : of snow and ice : for violin and orchestra (2014) / Vivian Fung.
  • M1015 .T75 op.55 no.1 2020 — Konzert D-Dur für Viola und Orchester, op. 55 Nr. 1 = Concerto in D major for viola and orchestra / Johann Nicolaus Triebel ; Klavierauszug von Wolfgang Birtel.
  • M1017 .M213 op.155 2020 — Konzert für Violoncello und Orchester, op. 155 / Trygve Madsen.
  • M1030 .H435 F56 2021b — Final(ment)e : Beziehungsweisen für zwei Trompeten und Orchester : (2021) / David Philip Hefti.
  • M1030 .H435 F56 2021c — Final(ment)e : Beziehungsweisen für zwei Trompeten und Orchester : (2021) / David Philip Hefti.
  • M107 .S63 S6 2021 — Solitude : solo for soprano saxophone, 2021 / Ann-Sofi Söderqvist.
  • M11 .R547 P37 2019 — Parusie : für grosse Orgel (1970) / Wolfgang Rihm.
  • M11 .S259 L37 no.2 2019 — Lar II : für Orgel = for organ / José M. Sánchez-Verdú.
  • M110 .P5 S353 2021 — Little surprises : for solo piccolo / Gary Schocker
  • M110 .R4 W44 2019 — The golden fish : Tenorblockflöte solo / Wei, Wen-Cheng.
  • M110.P5 L36 P7 2021 — Preludio szóló pikólora = Preludio for piccolo solo / Láng István.
  • M1103 .C24 A64 2019 — American suite : for string orchestra / by Charles Wakefield Cadman.
  • M1110 .T73 R56 2019 — Ripple effect (2) : for piano & string orchestra : (2013-14) / Mihailo Trandafilovski.
  • M1121 .M64 C62 2022 — Concerto in D major (MWV 9.6), for transverse flute concertante, violino, viola & basso continuo / Johann Melchior Molter ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M1137.4 .T5 G67 2020 — Theorbo concerto : partie de théorbe solo = solo theorbo part / Stephen Goss.
  • M1139.4 .E35 S364 2022 — Frankenstein : psychogram of the monstrous : for string orchestra and sound design / Enjott Schneider.
  • M1140 .P37 S47 2020 — Sequentia : für Violine, Schlagzeug und Streichorchester (2005/2019) / Arvo Pärt.
  • M1140 .S353 D73 2022 — Dracula : birth of a legend : double concerto for violin, violoncello & string orchestra : ad libitum with sound design and narrator / Enjott Schneider ; (texts on the historical Dracula and Bram Stokers novel from 1897).
  • M1145 .D165 S55 2021 — A simple prayer : for string orchestra / Richard Danielpour.
  • M1145 .T73 A68 2019 — Aquarelle (cycle) : for string orchestra : (2016) / Mihailo Trandafilovski.
  • M117 .P535 W56 2020 — Winter music : for solo harp / Julian Philips.
  • M127 .A27 W67 2020 — Wordless letter : guitare seule = solo guitar / Ricardo Abreu.
  • M127 .A816 P49 2020 — Phyllis' portrait : guitare seule = solo guitar / Sérgio Assad ; fingerings by David Russell.
  • M127 .B63 B495 2021 — Two blue ricercars : for solo guitar / Dušan Bogdanović.
  • M127 .B63 C365 2020 — The castle in cloudland : guitar seule = solo guitar / Dusan Bogdanovic.
  • M127 .B63 P648 2020 — Prélude et toccata / Dušan Bogdanović.
  • M127 .B63 T67 2020 — Tombeau de Ravel : guitare seule = solo guitar / Dusan Bogdanovic.
  • M127 .C719 C66 2019 — Commedia lazzi : for solo guitar (1980) / Edward Cowie.
  • M127 .F736 P7 2019 — 24 preludi e ricercari for guitar (2017) / Alfredo Franco ; fingering by Leonardo de Marchi.
  • M127 .G677 H57 2021 — Hiraeth : guitare seule = solo guitar / Stephen Goss.
  • M127 .L45 F6 2021 — Forever again / John Anthony Lennon.
  • M127 .M663 F66 2021 — Floreando : guitare seule = solo guitar / Alfonso Montes.
  • M127 .O88 A77 2020 — Asymmetrical improvisations : for solo guitar / Atanas Ourkouzounov.
  • M127 .O88 O87 2022 — Ostinati díspari : guitare seule = solo guitar / Atanas Ourkouzounov.
  • M127 .O88 S66 2021 — Sonate no. 6, guitare seule = solo guitar / Atanas Ourkouzounov.
  • M127 .P398 S6 2021 — Sonata of time : étude faciles : guitare seule = solo guitar / David Pavlovits.
  • M128 .T46 2020 — Three Neapolitan songs : guitare seule = solo guitar / arr. Dusan Bogdanovic.
  • M146 .B4155 A66 2019 — Annunciation III : for solo timpani / Judith Bingham.
  • M1500 .G265 W4 2021 — What magic reveals : an original chamber opera / Stacy Garrop.
  • M1528 .B43 E45 2019 — Elegischer Gesang : op. 118 : coro (SATB), 2 violini, viola, violoncello / Ludwig van Beethoven ; herausgegeben von Uwe Wolf = edited by Uwe Wolf.
  • M1529.5 .S3455 L54 2019 — Lied der Minne : für fünf Stimmen / Arne Sanders.
  • M1530 .B14 S. 211 2019 — Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht = Be silent, not a word : BWV 211 : Kaffeekantate : für Soli (STB), Flöte, 2 Violinen, Viola und Basso continuo = Coffee cantata : for soli (STB), flute, 2 violins, viola and basso continuo / Johann Sebastian Bach ; herausgegeben von Uwe Wolf = edited by Uwe Wolf ; English version by Henry S. Drinker.
  • M1533 .B12 S. 211 2019 — Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht = Be silent, not a word : BWV 211 : Kaffeekantate : für Soli (STB), Flöte, 2 Violinen, Viola und Basso continuo = Coffee cantata : for soli (STB), flute, 2 violins, viola and basso continuo / Johann Sebastian Bach ; herausgegeben von Uwe Wolf = edited by Uwe Wolf ; English version by Henry S. Drinker.
  • M1533 .B41 E54 2019 — Elegischer Gesang : op. 118 : coro (SATB), 2 violini, viola, violoncello / Ludwig van Beethoven ; herausgegeben von Uwe Wolf = edited by Uwe Wolf ; Klavierauszug bei Tobias Haslinger.
  • M1533 .G656 N48 2021 — Never to forget : for SATB choir and chamber ensemble : (2021) / Howard Goodall.
  • M1575 .A237 V9 2022 — Vier Volkslieder : (2022) : für Klarinette (B) und gemischten Chor = for clarinet (B♭) and mixed choir / Samuel Adler.
  • M1575 .A237 V9 2022a — Vier Volkslieder : (2022) : für Klarinette (B) und gemischten Chor = for clarinet (B♭) and mixed choir / Samuel Adler.
  • M1575 .L637 S74 2022 — Das Steinschneiden : Tableau vivant nach Hieronymus Bosch : für Rezitation (Sprechstimme), Blockflöte und 5-10-stimmigen gemischten Chor (oder Vokalensemble) = for recitation (narrator), recorder and 5-10-part mixed choir (or vocal ensemble) : (2020) / Horst Lohse ; Text von Michael Herrschel.
  • M1582 .F2333 S4 2019 — The Second coming : for mixed chorus (SATB) a cappella / Mohammed Fairouz. ; on the poem by W.B. Yeats
  • M1582 .S352 I6 2020 — In der Fremde = Pûsuánon : für gemischten Chor : (2008) / Hermann Seidl ; Originaltext in Bikol: Kristian Sendon Cordero ; Deutscher Text: Hermann Seidl.
  • M1613.3 .D15 A7 2020 — Archipel : pour mezzo-soprano, bandonéon, piano et violoncelle / Christian Dachez.
  • M1613.3 .R535 B55 2019 — Bildnis: Anakreon : für Tenor, Klavier, Harfe, Klarinette in A und Violoncello (2004) : Gedichte und Fragmente aus Eduard Mörikes Anakreon und den sogenannten Anakreonitischen Liedern (1864) / Wolfgang Rihm.
  • M1620 .G278 K62 2021 — Mélodies : pour voix et piano / Odette Gartenlaub.
  • M1621 .K8265 A5 2021 — An Luna : (2000) : für Sopran und Klavier = for soprano and piano / Olga Kroupová ; [Text]: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
  • M1621 .L528 op.104 2021 — Stopping by woods on a snowy evening : for low voice and piano : op. 104 / Lowell Liebermann ; text by Robert Frost.
  • M1621 .L528 op.135 2021 — Five songs on poems of Jean Starr Untermeyer : for high voice and piano : op. 135 / Lowell Liebermann.
  • M1621 .L528 op.80 2021 — Six songs on poems of Raymond Carver : for low voice and piano, op. 80 / Lowell Liebermann.
  • M1621.3 .K76 A4 2021 — Amarna : (2014) : für hohe Stimme, Viola und Klavier = for high voice, viola and piano / Olga Kroupová ; Text, Mila Haugová.
  • M1621.3 .P478 H53 2021 — The hidden words of Bahá'u'lláh : soprano, flute & piano (1977) / Zenobia Powell Perry.
  • M1624.8 .S42 M2 2021 — Malen'kaia͡ siu͡ita na stikhi niny krasnovoy : dlia͡ zhenskogo golosa i violincheli [op. 11] / A. Semonov.
  • M1626 .V74 P54 2021 — Pietà : für Gitarre = for guitar : 2019 / Larisa Vrhunc.
  • M184 .G275 R6 2020 — Road warrior : for trumpet/piccolo trumpet and organ / Stacy Garrop.
  • M2 .R23813 — Der Stein der Weisen (Vienna, 1790) : piano-vocal score / edited by David J. Buch.
  • M2013 .M89 K.626 2022 — Requiem / W. A. Mozart ; vervollständigt und herausgegeben von = completed and edited by Michael Ostrzyga.
  • M2018 .P24 V66 2019c — Von Angesicht zu Angesicht : für Sopran, Bariton, Klarinette, Viola und Kontrabass : (2005) / Arvo Pärt.
  • M2020 .T67 T4 2020 — Te Deum : 2010 : für Soli, Chor und Kammerorchester = for soli, choir and chamber orchestra / Michael Töpel.
  • M2021 .H458 M3 2019 — Magnificat Nr. 2 B-Dur für Sopran, Alt, Tenor, Bass, Chor, 2 Oboen, Streicher und Basso continuo, 1723 / Johann David Heinichen ; herausgegeben von Claudia Lubkoll.
  • M2021 .M4886 P75 2022 — Magnificat : SATB soli/ripieni, five instruments, continuo / R. I. Mayr.
  • M2021 .M4886 P76 2022 — Nisi Dominus : SATB soli/ripieni, five instruments, continuo / R.I. Mayr ; [edited by] Brian Clark
  • M2021 .V7 I6 2019 — In exitu Israel : RV 604 : coro (SATB), 2 violini, viola e basso continuo / Antonio Vivaldi ; herausgegeben von = edited by Daniel Ivo de Oliveira.
  • M2023 .V58 RV592 2019 — Credo in G, RV 592 : soli (SA), coro (SATB), 2 violini, alto viola, tenore viola e basso continuo ; ad libitum: oboe / Antonio Vivaldi ; herausgegeben von Gregory M. Pysh = edited by Gregory M. Pysh.
  • M203 .D43 B9 2021 — By the sea : for piano four hands / Emma Lou Diemer.
  • M2079 .L82 S38 2019 — Stabat Mater, g-Moll, D 175 = in G minor / Franz Schubert ; Klavierauszug nach dem Urtext der Neuen Schubert-Ausgabe von = piano reduction based on the Urtext of the new Schubert edition by Andreas Köhs ; vorgelegt von = edited by Rudolf Faber.
  • M2092 .M18 O9 2019 — O Virgo prudentissima : for mixed voices a cappella / James MacMillan ; text attributed to Poliziano (Angelo Ambrogini).
  • M2113 .K763 N6 2021 — La noche oscura : (2018) : für Tenor und Klavier = for tenor and piano / Olga Kroupová ; Gesänge nach gleichnamigen Gedichten von Juan de la Cruz.
  • M217 .S688 2020 — Souvenirs de Schubert : Duo brillant : na skrzypce i fortepian / Clara Pfeiffer & Karol Kątski ; redakcja Jaroslaw Pietrzak, Julita Przybylska-Nowak.
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  • M218 .W65 D48 2020 from:2 until:2 — Duety na skrzypce i fortepian = Duos for violin & piano. Vol. 2 / Edward Wolff, Henri Vieuxtemps ; redakcja = edited by Jarosław Pietrzak, Julita Przybylska-Nowak
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  • M219 .R573 op.3 no.1 2019 — Sonata in A minor for violin and piano, op. 3 : (1917) / Knudåge Riisager.
  • M221 .R552 B75 2019 — Bricconata : for violin and piano : (1937) / Knudåge Riisager.
  • M221 .S37 op.22 2021 — Drei Romanzen für Violine und Klavier, op. 22 = Three romances for violin and piano / C. Schumann ; herausgegeben von Jacqueline Ross = edited by Jacqueline Ross.
  • M226 .D23 P37 2020 — Parchemin : pour alto & piano / Christian Dachez.
  • M23 .S59 no.3 2020 — Piano sonata no. 3 / Roberto Sierra.
  • M23 .S59 no.4 2021 — Piano sonata no. 4 / Roberto Sierra.
  • M23 .S59 no.5 2021 — Piano sonata no. 5 / Roberto Sierra.
  • M233 .C598 F7 2019 — Freezing fields : for cello and piano (2017) / J́erôme Combier.
  • M25 .B28 D43 2021 — 3 Dedications : for piano / Roland Batik ; edited by Pawel Markowicz.
  • M25 .C4388 P5 2021 — Plum blossom : for piano / Chen Yi.
  • M25 .F565 B47 2019 — Berceuse per pianoforte (2018) / Francesco Filidei.
  • M25 .H37 B6 2022 — The book of storms and mists : for solo left hand pianist / Sadie Harrison.
  • M25 .H62863 A4 2019 — Albumblätter : 16 Klavierstücke : (1982-2019) = Album leaves : 16 piano pieces = Feuillets d'album : 16 pièces pour piano / Heinz Holliger.
  • M25 .M8412 T38 2020 — Taurus : für Klavier : (2020) / Alfred Thomas Müller.
  • M25 .R26 B3 2021 — Ballade for piano / Shulamit Ran.
  • M25 .S1828 M5 2018 — Eight miniatures : for piano / Aulis Sallinen.
  • M25 .S514 S66 2021 — Songs and Games : four short pieces for piano : 2018-19 / Donghoon Shin.
  • M250 .D22 C4 2020 — De cendres et d'encre : pour clarinette en si bémol & piano / Christian Dachez.
  • M257 .P358 P5 2020 — Three pieces for horn and piano / by Zenobia Powell Perry.
  • M261 .S5266 V97 2021 — Vous compra : for trumpet and piano / Alvin Singleton.
  • M293 .B73 I67 2020 — Insistence : mandoline et guitare = mandolin and guitar : op. 96 / David Braid.
  • M295 .M47 E6 2020 — En el blanco infinito : Prolog, Canción y Danza für Violoncello und Gitarre : (2016) / Ulrike Merk
  • M32 .J34 V35 2019 — Les valses mignonnes / Marie Jaell.
  • M322 .C77 no.1 2019 — Sonata prima C Dur, Trio Flöte, Violine und obligates Cembalo / Domenico Corri.
  • M322 .C77 no.3 2019 — Sonata terza D Dur, Trio Flöte, Violine und obligates Cembalo / Domenico Corri.
  • M322 .C77 no.4 2019 — Sonata Quarta C Dur : Trio Flöte, Violine und obligates Cembalo / Domenico Corri.
  • M322 .C77 no.5 2019 — Sonata Quinta G Dur : Trio Flöte, Violine und obligates Cembalo / Domenico Corri.
  • M322 .D2 E6 2020 — Entre les ronces : pour alto, clarinette en si bemol & piano / Christian Dachez.
  • M322 .D2 P7 2020 — Primetime : pour violon, clarinette & piano / Christian Dachez.
  • M34 .B118 C55 2020 — Three Bach transcriptions : for solo piano (2020) / music by J.S. Bach ; arranged by Richard Danielpour.
  • M362 .M353 I44 2019 — Idées fixes : for flute, clarinet and cello / Ion Marmarinos.
  • M362 .W46 op.1 no.4 2019 — Opera prima Sonata IV : Trio F Dur für zwei Flöten und Basso continuo / Johann Baptist Wendling.
  • M38 .B54 A64 2020 — Dança do sol : Antique bagatelle no. 4 : piano / Martin Bills.
  • M385 .B728 G4 2021 — Geflecht : für Violine, Violoncello und Live-Elektronik (2014/2021) / Christoph Breidler.
  • M385 .M845 R44 2019 — Reflexionen : für Flöte (Piccolo, Altflöte) und Schlaginstrumente (2016) / Alfred Thomas Müller.
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  • CD 5394 — The 7th hand / Immanuel Wilkins.
  • CD 5398 — View with a room / Julian Lage.

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