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Book cover of Swing that MusicArmstrong, Louis, Rudy Vallée, Dan. Morgenstern, Horace. Gerlach, and Benny Goodman. 1993. Swing That Music. New York: Da Capo Press. [ML3506 .S95 1993X]

The first autobiography of a jazz musician, published in 1936, Louis Armstrong's Swing that Music is a milestone in jazz literature. Listen as Louis describes his days on Chicago's South Side with King Oliver, and his courtship and marriage to Lin Hardin. In his distinctive voice, as alive and ebullient as his stage presence, he relates his 1929 move to New York and the formation of his own band, his European tours and his international success. With an indispensable foreword by Dan Morgenstern that outlines the history of the book and its contributors, this is an irresistible autobiography as well as a spirited defense of the music that Armstrong, more than anyone, would transform into the art of jazz.

Book cover for CorrespondenceSmetana, Bedřich. 2016. Korespondence = Correspondence. Edited by Olga Mojžíšová, Milan Pospíšil, and Jiří Kroupa. Praha: KLP, Koniasch Latin Press. [ML410 .S63 A4 2016 t.2]

This remarkable long-term project aimed at publishing a critical edition of all the known correspondence of Bedřich Smetana (1824–1884) has now continued with its second volume. Thus the public will have access for the first time to his complete correspondence from 1863 through 1874, with detailed annotations. This volume covers the years of Smetana's most intensive and multifaceted activities in the musical life of Prague, which came to a definitive end with his loss of hearing in the autumn of 1874. The correspondence itself and extensive commentaries shed light on many aspects of cultural life during this period, and also give a glimpse into the private life of this outstanding Czech composer, pianist, conductor, teacher, critic, concert programmer, and organizer of important musical events. Also found in the volume are abstracts, illustrations, a bibliography, and detailed indexes.

Book cover for Ontologie phenomenologique...Brohm, Jean-Marie. 2022. Ontologie phénoménologique de la musique : les œuvres et leurs interprétations. Nanterre: Presses universitaires de Paris Nanterre. [ML3845 .B6675 2022]

Les oeuvres de la musique savante occidentale - connues ou à découvrir - sont des "déalités intentionnelles". Leur contenu incorpore de multiples univers de sens et mondes imaginaires (symboliques, mythologiques, poétiques, sacrés, fantastiques, féériques). La Passion selon Saint Matthieu de Bach, Don Juan de Mozart, la Missa Solemnis de Beethoven, Roméo et Juliette de Berlioz, le Requiem de Verdi, Parsifal de Wagner, Le Chant de la Terre de Mahler, La Mer de Debussy, Daphnis et Cloé de Ravel, La Nuit transfigurée de Schoenberg, Le Sacre du Printemps de Stravinsky, Wozzeck de Berg par exemple sont des créations qui transcendent l'histoire et les espaces culturels. Ce panthéon musical sans cesse réactualisé ou révisé témoigne ainsi de la nature profondément intersubjective de la musique où se confrontent traditions et innovations, jugements de goûts et évaluations esthétiques.-- Back cover.

Book cover for Ritualized belongingBoyce-Tillman, June, Liesl Van der Merwe, and Janelize Morelli. 2021. Ritualised Belonging : Musicing and Spirituality in the South African Context. Oxford: Peter Lang. [ML3917 .S62 R57 2021]

"This book interrogates the notion of belonging through musicing rituals in the South African context. The authors raise questions such as "What can we learn from musicing rituals?", "What does it mean to belong through musicing?" and "In what ways could musicing address marginalization and transform a broken society?" To answer these questions, the editors employ a range of perspectives from micro-sociological theory to personal accounts of marginalization and belonging through musicing. The contributors employ both established and novel qualitative strategies of inquiry including case studies, narrative inquiry, performative autoethnography, practice as research, and interpretive phenomenological analysis, amongst others. Although this book focuses on musicing in the South African context, international readers will also benefit from the rich theoretical and methodological contributions in this volume. It investigates the potentiality of cultivating a sense of belonging through musicing rituals to heal a mutilated world. The contributions will inform and enhance readers' repertoire of musicing strategies in both community and educational contexts"-- Provided by publisher.

Book cover for The Propaganda of FreedomHorowitz, Joseph. 2023. The Propaganda of Freedom : JFK, Shostakovich, Stravinsky, and the Cultural Cold War. Urbana: University of Illinois Press. [ML3917 .U6 H67 2023X]

"Eloquently extolled by President John F. Kennedy, the idea that only artists in free societies can produce great art became a bedrock assumption of the Cold War. That this conviction defied centuries of historical evidence--to say nothing of achievements within the Soviet Union--failed to impact impregnable cultural Cold War doctrine. Horowitz shows how the efforts of the CIA-funded Congress for Cultural Freedom were distorted by an anti-totalitarian "psychology of exile" traceable to its secretary general, the displaced Russian aristocrat/composer Nicolas Nabokov, and to Nabokov's hero Igor Stravinsky. In counterpoint, Horowitz investigates personal, social, and political factors that actually shape the creative act. He focuses on Stravinsky, who in Los Angeles experienced a "freedom not to matter," and Dmitri Shostakovich, who was both victim and beneficiary of Soviet cultural policies. He also takes a fresh look at cultural exchange and explores paradoxical similarities and differences framing the popularization of classical music in the Soviet Union and the United States. In closing, he assesses the Kennedy administration's arts advocacy initiatives and their pertinence to today's fraught American national identity. Challenging long-entrenched myths, this book newly explores the tangled relationship between the ideology of freedom and ideals of cultural achievement"-- Provided by publisher.

Book cover for Schubert's Instrumental musicRusch, René. 2023. Schubert’s Instrumental Music and Poetics of Interpretation. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press. [ML410 .S3 R87 2023X]

Music scholarship has been rethinking its understanding of Franz Schubert and his work. How might our modern aesthetic values, conceptions of Schubert's life, and historiographies affect how we interpret his music? Schubert's Instrumental Music and Poetics of Interpretation examines the conditions that have prompted scholarship to reassess the composer's music and legacy. In six chapters, each devoted to one or two of Schubert's pieces, René Rusch offers critical assessments of biographical and intertextual influence, investigates the role of narrative, and explores alternate forms of unity and coherence through updated analyses of the composer's instrumental works. Rusch's comparative analyses and interpretations address four significant areas of scholarly focus in Schubert studies, including his use of chromaticism, his unique forms, the impact of events in his life, and the influence of Beethoven. Drawing from a range of philosophical, hermeneutic, historical, biographical, theoretical, and analytical sources, Schubert's Instrumental Music and Poetics of Interpretation offers readers a unique and innovative foray into the poetics of contemporary analysis of Schubert's instrumental music and develops new ways to engage with his repertoire.

Book coverAngelov, Krum. 1999. Li︠u︡bomir Pipkov. Sofii︠a︡: Izdatelstvo “Bulgarika.” [ML410 .P588 A84 1999]

Book cover of The Jazz bookBerendt, Joachim-Ernst, and Günther Huesmann. 2009. The Jazz Book : from Ragtime to the 21st Century. 7th ed., rev. and expanded. Chicago, Ill: Lawrence Hill Books. [ML3506 .B4513 2009X]

Considered the most encyclopedic interpretive history of jazz available in one volume for more than 50 years, this reference has been completely revised and expanded to incorporate the dominant styles and musicians since the books last publication in 1992, as well as the fruits of current research about earlier periods in the history of jazz. In addition, new chapters have been added on John Zorn, jazz in the 1990s and beyond, samplers, the tuba, the harmonica, non-Western instruments, postmodernist and repertory big bands, how the avant-garde has explored tradition, and many other subjects. This survey of past and current styles, elements, instruments, musicians, singers, and big bands of jazz continues to showcase an art form widely regarded as Americas greatest contribution to the worlds musical culture.

Front cover of Song Beyond the NationBullock, Philip Ross, and Laura Tunbridge. 2021. Song Beyond the Nation : Translation, Transnationalism, Performance. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [ML2800 .S6543 2021]

Within classical music, much writing on the Western song tradition since 1800 has assumed a direct link between musical cultures and national literatures, and song has typically been interpreted as one of the means by which constructions of nationalism and nationhood have been pursued in the cultural sphere. Yet song can also be a mobile and cosmopolitan genre and form of cultural practice, able--through performance, publication, and translation - to cross boundaries between cultures and languages. This volume brings together musicologists, literary scholars, linguists, and cultural historians to examine the ways in which song creation, practice, and interpretation has been defined by, and in turn defines, conceptions of nationalism and the transnational. It focuses on four key poets--the Persian Hafiz, German Heine, American Whitman, and French Verlaine--and examines how their poems have been 'translated' into song, and how music can challenge the seemingly organic relationship between language and nation.

Front cover of Opera Intitulata FontegaraDongois, William, Tiago Simas Freire, Jean-Christophe Revel, and Silvestro Ganassi. 2020. Opera intitulata Fontegara. Edited by Philippe Canguilhem. Geneva: Droz, Haute école de musique de Genève. [MT350 .G3612 2020]

This practical edition of the diminution treatise Fontegara is the fruit of a research project funded by the Haute école de musique de Genève. Musicologists and musicians familiar with early music are also likely familiar with Fontegara. Often considered something of an enigma, few attempts have been made to apply its contents in a practical context. Our hypothesis was that one might understand Fontegara as the work of an active musician describing his particular style to pedagogical ends. This French-English edition thereforevfavours a practical approach. The translation from the original Italian is less literal and more flowing than earlier editions in an attempt to reflect the spirit of Ganassi. The present layout is conceived with daily practice in mind and the original text is completed with suggestions for practical applications. The result of three years' collective labour, this practical edition was created by William Dongois, Timea Nagy and Tiago Simas Freire in collaboration with musicologists Philippe Canguilhem and Christian Pointet. Three recorder players, Pierre Boragno, François Lazarevitch, Vicente Parrilla and a singer, Romain Bockler, also contributed their art to this project. The authors hope that this new edition will contribute toward a more rigorous application of Silvestro Ganassi's art, a musical marvel of the sixteenth century.

Descriptions for each item provided by the publisher and/or from the catalogue description.

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  • M7 .B26 O7 2023 — Pièces d'orgue. Volume 1 / Claude Bénigne Balbastre ; édité par Maurizio Machella.
  • M7 .B26 O7 2023 — Pièces d'orgue. Volume 2 / Claude Bénigne Balbastre ; édité par Maurizio Machella.
  • M7 .B26 O7 2023 — Pièces d'orgue. Volume 3 / Claude Bénigne Balbastre ; édité par Maurizio Machella.
  • M7 .B814 O6 2023 — Composizioni per organo o harmonium. Volume 1 / Pietro Branchina ; edizione a cura di Ivan Raiti.
  • M7 .B814 O6 2023 — Composizioni per organo o harmonium. Volume 2 / Pietro Branchina ; edizione a cura di Ivan Raiti.
  • M7 .C638 L6 2023 — Logos : per organo / Alessio Colasurdo.
  • M7 .P258 O7 2023 — 12 composizioni intavolate per organo ad uso liturgico / Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina ; edizione a cura di Maurizio Machella.
  • M8 .D37 S8 2023 — Sinfonia marziale in Re maggiore per organo / P. Davide da Bergamo ; a cura di Maurizio Machella
  • M8 .M653 V47 2023 — Sonata sopra ""Sancta Maria ora pro nobis"" / Claudio Monteverdi ; adattamento per organo di Wolfgango Dalla Vecchia ; edizione a cura di Maurizio Machella.
  • M11 .S93 R8 2023 — Rubik's cube : for organ solo (2022) / Zsigmond Szathmary.
  • M13 .H35 M8 2023 — Music for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351 / G.F. Handel ; adapted for organ solo by Sandro Carnelos.
  • M20 .C73 P5 2023 — A piano sketchbook : six piano solos including jazz and Latin-styled pieces / Mike Cornick.
  • M21 .A584 1994 — Erstere musikalische Versuch bestehend aus zweyen Chorälen : für Orgel / Hieronymus Florentinus Quehl ; edizione a cura di Maurizio Machella.
  • M22 .H5435 P5 2023 — Complete etudes for piano = für Klavier / Adolph von Henselt ; edited by Daniel Grimwood
  • M22 .R5158 M3 2023 — Compositions pour clavecin ou (orgue) / Étienne Richard ; [édition] par Maurizio Machella.
  • M23 .N382 S6 2023 — Sonatine voor piano / Vic Nees.
  • M23 .S578 no.11 2022 — Piano sonata no. 11 : 2021 / Roberto Sierra.
  • M25 .A392 W6 2022 — Obras para clavicordio o piano forte / Sebastian de Albero ; edited by Raúl Angulo Díaz.
  • M25 .H2665 A33 2022 — Afghanistan my homeland (Watan Jan) : for solo piano (2022) / Sadie Harrison.
  • M25 .H2665 T6 2022 — ""To dear Cleg"" : 10 portraits of Frederick Septimus Kelly : for solo piano (2021) / Sadie Harrison.
  • M35 .R55 op.35 G5 2023 — Shekherazada : simfonicheskai͡a si͡uita po 1001 nochi : dli͡a orkestra : soch. 35 = Scheherazade : d'après ""Mille et un nuits"" : suite symphonique pour orchestre : op. 35 / N. Rimskiĭ-Korsakov' ; réduction pour piano à deux mains.
  • M87 .H406 F36 2022 — Fanfare für Wolfgang : für Piccolo-Trompete solo in hoch B♭ oder hoch C : (2022) / David Philip Hefti.
  • M117 .Z243 S6 2023 — Souvenir du Trovatore : for harp or piano / Antonio Zamara ; edited by Anna Pasetti.
  • M126 .B467 W6 2022 — Solo Guitar Works : guitare seule = solo guitar. Vol. 1 / Guy Bergeron.
  • M126 .C38 G7 2023 — Grand recueil pour la guitare, Op. 114--vol. 1 / Ferdinando Carulli ; edited and fingered by Romolo Calandruccio.
  • M127 .C278 C3 2022 — Sei canzoni ebraiche : guitare seule = solo guitar / Franco Cavallone ; fingerings by Cristiano Porqueddu.
  • M127 .D254 D42 2022 — Décembre : for solo guitar / Michel Dalle Ave
  • M127 .H46 R6 2023 — Royal winter music : first sonata on Shakespearean characters for guitar solo = Erste Sonate über Gestalten von Shakespeare für Gitarre solo (1975-1976): / Hans Werner Henze ; edited from the manuscript by Marco Minà.
  • M127 .H46 R62 2022 — Royal winter music : second sonata on Shakespearean characters for guitar solo = Zweite Sonate über Gestalten von Shakespeare für Gitarre solo (1975-1976): / Hans Werner Henze ; edited from the manuscript by Otto Tolonen.
  • M127 .P575 P6 2022 — Deux poèmes de la solitude / Bernard Piris
  • M128 .S67 G8 2023 — 16 easy and intermediate polyphonic works : for guitar / Fernando Sor ; edited by Alessandro Borin ; fingering by Piero Bonaguri.
  • M129 .B66 M36 2022 — Manha de carnaval : for solo guitar / Luiz Bonfa ; arranged by Sylvain Lemay.
  • M184 .V655 D8 2023 — Toccata, adagio e fuga : per trombone e organo / Amarilli Voltolina.
  • M221 .B754 B5 2022 — Bitter suite : duo for violin and piano / Martin Bresnick.
  • M233 .G6715 S36 2022 — Samba for Susan : for cello and piano / Ricky Ian Gordon.
  • M233 .L424 E53 2020 — Ekah : for violoncello & piano / James Lee III.
  • M257 .S5186 S66 2022 — Sonatina for horn in F & piano / Roberto Sierra.
  • M269 .S5233 H43 2022 — Hear them : for baritone saxophone and piano, 2020 / Carlos Simon.
  • M289 .Z95 I57 2022 — Intuition : for two flutes / Samuel Zyman
  • M295 .P337 R4 2022 — Rhapsody on themes by Debussy : for viola and guitar / Carlos Pavan.
  • M298 .S648 D8 2023 — 8 duets for 2 guitars / Alessandro Spazzoli ; fingering by Piero Bonaguri.
  • M312.4 .F27 FWV N:D4 2022 — Trio sonata in D major (FaWV N:D4), for 2 violins & basso continuo / Johann Fr. Fasch ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M312.4 .S65 op.1 no.1 2023 — Trio sonata in G major (op. 1, nr. 1) for 2 violins & basso continuo / Anton Wilhelm Solnitz ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M312.4 .T2 IGT135 2022 — Trio sonata in B-flat major (IGT 135), for 2 violins & basso continuo / Giuseppe Tartini ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M317 .L54 op.137 2022 — Trio : for flute, alto saxophone and piano, op. 137 : (2019) / Lowell Liebermann.
  • M322 .Q3 QV 2:13 2023 — Trio sonata in D major, (QV 2:13), for 2 transverse flutes & basso continuo / Johann Joachim Quantz ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M322 .Q3 QV 2:41a 2022 — Trio sonata in A minor (QV 2:41a), for 2 transverse flutes & basso continuo / Johann Joachim Quantz ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M351 .A524 op.9 no.4 2023 — Trio sonata in D major (op. 9, nr. 4) : for violin, viola and violoncello / Johann Georg Albrechtsberger ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M351 .S813 op.17 no.6 2022 — String trio in A major, op. 17, nr. 6 : for 2 violins and violoncello / Anton Stamitz ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M351 .V36 W.VIb: 6b 2023 — Trio sonata in D major : (op. 1, nr. 6) : for violin, viola & basso continuo / Johann Baptist Vanhal ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M412.4 .M65 MWV IX 8 2023 — Sonata à quadro : in G major (MWV 9.8), for treble viola, violin, viola & basso continuo / Johann Melchior Molter ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M417 .Z4 ZWV 181 no.4 2022 — Sonata in G minor (ZWV Z 181, nr. 4), for 2 oboes, bassoon & basso continuo / Jan Dismas Zelenka ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M422 .B12 W. B 58 2023 — Quartet in C major (W.B 58), for transverse flute or violin, violin, viola & basso continuo / Johann Christian Bach ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M422 .E43 op.12 no.4 2023 — Quartet in F major (op. 12, nr. 4) for bassoon obbligato, violin, viola & basso continuo / Ernst Eichner ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M452 .A232 op.8 2023 — Six string quartets (op. 8, WK 66 in F major), for 2 violins, viola & violoncello / Carl Friedrich Abel ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M452 .S78 op.4 no.1 2022 — Quartet in C major (op. 4, nr. 1), for transverse flute/oboe/violin I, violin II, viola & violoncello / Carl Philipp Stamitz ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M452 .T198 IGT 7 2023 — String quartet in D major, (I-Catalogue number IGT 7), for strings & basso continuo / Giuseppe Tartini ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M462 .N48 no.1 2023 — Quartet in F major (nr. 1), for transverse flute, violin, viola & violoncello / Franz Christoph Neubauer ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M485 .N436 F4 2022 — Fenster. Shloshim : für Flöte, Klarinette (B), präparierte Harfe und Schlagzeug mit Projektion und Verstärkung ad libitum, 2018 / Sarah Nemtsov.
  • M522 .M304 C3 2023 — Canto IV : per violino, violoncello, clarinetto Si-b, flauto, pianoforte / Ermano Maggini ; Herausgeberin: Fondazione Ermano Maggini Intragna.
  • M614 .T55 S93 2022 (2 copies, 1 available) — Deep river : (from Three symphonic spirituals) : 1978 / arranged and orchestrated by Frederick Tillis for strings and celesta.
  • M762 .S265 F6 2022 — Förnimmelser : Notions : for clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, violoncello and contrabass : 2016 / Marie Samuelsson.
  • M857 .K6 G5 2022 — Giving ground : for wind octet (2022) / Tonia Ko.
  • M1003 .B88 op.36 2023 — Serenade, E-Dur, für grosses Orchester : op. 36 / von Ignaz Brüll.
  • M1010 .D35 F3 2023 — Fantaisie pour piano et orchestre / Claude Debussy.
  • M1012 .S573 C66 2022 — Concierto para violín y orquesta : a la memoria de una niña valiente / Roberto Sierra.
  • M1012 .S573 F44 2022 — Ficciones : concerto for electric violin & orchestra / Roberto Sierra.
  • M1021 .P12 M9 2022 — My cross : a meditation for flute and chamber orchestra : (2021) / Carter Pann.
  • M1028 .K95 op.45 2023 — Concertino pour deux cors avec accompagnement de grand orchestre / par Fréderic Kuhlau.
  • M1035 .S4 C443 2022 — Chinese folk dance suite : for soprano saxophone and orchestra (or piano) / Chen Yi ; saxophone adaptation and piano reduction by Wong Tak Chiu and Chen Yi.
  • M1038 .G633 P9 2022 — Primitive echoes : concerto for timpani and orchestra / Alice Gomez.
  • M1045 .B9544 A8 2023 — Aspects of an elephant : a parable for orchestra / Kenji Bunch.
  • M1045 .C263 F3 2022 — Faërie : pour orchestre : (2000-2001) / Regis Campo.
  • M1045 .G222 U73 2022 — Urban spring : for chamber orchestra / Gilbert Galindo.
  • M1045 .L482 T4 2022 (2 copies, 2 available) — Through the eyes of time : for orchestra / James Lee III.
  • M1101 .S74 W. Bb-2 2023 — Sinfonia in B-flat major (WoIS I. B / b-2) for strings / Johann Stamitz ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M1112 .B74 C62 2023 — Violin concerto in F major, (Bre7), for violin, strings, bassoon & basso continuo / Giuseppe Antonio Brescanello ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M1116 .M66 F.39 2023 — Cello-Konzert g-Moll / Matthias G. Monn ; herausgegeben von Arnold Schoenberg.
  • M1120 .G72 C625 2023 — Flute concerto in C major, (GraunWV Bv:XIII:48), for transverse flute, strings & basso continuo / Johann Gottlieb Graun ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M1122 .F36 C625 2023 — Oboe concerto in G major : for oboe, violoncello obbligato,strings & basso continuo / Johann Fr. Fasch ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M1122 .T43 C67 2023 — Oboe concerto in D major (TWV 51:D5) : for oboe, 2 violins & basso continuo / Georg Philipp Telemann ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M1128 .H44 C6 2023 — Concerto in F major (SeiH 255) : for 2 hunting horns, strings & basso continuo / Johann David Heinichen ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M1136 .B86 I68 2023 — Invincible summer : for harp and strings / Kenji Bunch.
  • M1142 .D873 no.6 2023 — String concerto nr. 6 in A major, (I-Catalogue number IFD 36) for strings & basso continuo / Francesco Durante ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M1142 .T655 C6 2023 — Concerto per orchestra d'archi / Vincenzo Tommasini.
  • M1142 .T67 op.6 no.10 2023 — Concerto in D minor (op. 6, nr. 10), for strings & basso continuo / Giuseppe Torelli ; edited by Alejandro Garri.
  • M1145 .D744 A44 2022 — Allegro vivace impetuoso : per orchestra d'archi / Riccardo Drigo ; edizione a cura di Riccardo Lucadello
  • M1145 .L4433 T6 2022 (2 copies, 1 available) — Towards a greater light : for string orchestra / James Lee III.
  • M1245 .H227 H67 2022 — Hope : Musik für das Gürzenich Orchester : 2020 / Georg Friedrich Haas.
  • M1500 .B6 J6 2022 — La jolie fille de Perth : opéra en 4 actes et 5 tableaux / par H. de Saint-Georges et Jules Adenis ; musique de George Bizet.
  • M1500 .D163 B3 2023 — Bach Haus : intermezzo in un atto : (2000) / Michele dall'Ongaro ; su libretto di Vincenzo De Vivo ; edizione a cura di Federico Amendola, S. Vito 2014.
  • M1500 .G74 D4 2023 — Les deux avares : Comedie en deux actes en prose / les paroles sont de Mr. Fenouillot de Falbaire ; la musique est de Mr. Grétry.
  • M1500 .M495 B4 2023 — Beyond the garden : chamber opera in one act / Stephen McNeff ; libretto by Aoife Mannix.
  • M1500 .P65 S73 2022 — Statira : Venezia, Teatro San Giovanni Grisostomo, 1742 / Nicola Porpora ; llibret de = libreto de = libretto by Francesco Silvani - Carlo Goldoni ; edició = edición = edition : Joan-Baptista Otero, Isidro Olmo Castillo.
  • M1503 .M328 S6 2023 — Sobre el oceano: Zarzuela in three acts
  • M1503 .R245 H42 2010 — L'heure espagnole : Comédie musicale en un acte = Musikalische Komödie in einem Akt = Musical comedy in one act / Maurice Ravel ; Libretto von = Words by = Poème de Franc-Nohain ; herausgegeben von = edited by = éditée par Jean François Monnard.
  • M1506 .J66 T7 W4 2022 — We're goin' around, from Treemonisha : for voices and chamber orchestra / words and music by Scott Joplin ; adapted, arranged, and orchestrated by T. J. Anderson.
  • M1510 .S88 M4 2023 — Mascarade du Marchand de Venise : suite de pièces pour orchestre avec solo pour tenor ad lib. / par Arthur Sullivan.
  • M1526 .A08 F33 2022 (2 copies, 1 available) — Anguish : from (""Falling sky"") : for piano / Michael Abels
  • M1530 .B7626 P68 2023 — Pour les funérailles d'un soldat / A. de Musset ; Lili Boulanger.
  • M1620 .M597 S64 2023 — Lost and forgotten vocal pieces for one or more voices. Volume 4, Thirteen German Lieder / Giacomo Meyerbeer ; compiled and edited by Jonathan Faiman, David Faiman, Robert Ignatius Letellier.
  • M1621.2 .M255 T4 2023 — Teile dich Nacht : für Bariton Solo / Ermano Maggini ; Text: Nelly Sachs ; Herausgeberin: Fondazione Ermano Maggini Intragna.
  • M1621.4 .M24 K5 2023 — Kieseliris : per baritono e pianoforte : Liederzyklus / Ermano Maggini ; Gedichte: Evi Kliemand ; Herausgeberin: Fondazione Ermano Maggini Intragna.
  • M1621.4 .M3412 B3 2023 — Ballads of a bogman : a song cycle for tenor and piano (2021/22) / Stephen McNeff ; poems by Sigerson Clifford.
  • M1624 .B36 Q8 2023 — Quando incise su quel marmo : scena ed aria : for soprano (contralto) and guitar / Vincenzo Bellini ; transcription by Mario Martino.
  • M1625 .L47 T4 2022 (2 copies, 2 available) — Tethered voices : for narrator and orchestra / James Lee III.
  • M2010 .A56 M5 2023 — Missa brevis in G / Anon ; edited by Brian Clark.
  • M2020 .C63 D5 2023 — Dies irae : (1747) ; Stabat Mater : (1752) / Francisco Corselli.
  • M2023 .P452 S4 2022 — Sederunt principes : organum quadruplum / Perotinus.
  • M2060 .B73 G45 2023 — Geistliche Chormusik : gemischter Chor, teils mit Begleitung, Chorbuch = Sacred choral music : mixed chor with and without accompaniment, choral collecion / Anton Bruckner ; herausgegeben von Martin Dücker & Matthias Kreuels = edited by Martin Dücker & Matthias Kreuels.

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  • ML60 .C66 2023Y — Music : why it matters / Nicholas Cook.
  • ML410 .D86 A85 2022X — Ariane & Bluebeard : from fairy tale to comic book opera / edited by Matthew Brown, and Th. Emil Homerin.
  • ML410 .S88 G73 2023Y — Inner song : a biography of Margaret Sutherland / Graham, Jillian.
  • ML420 .D98 M48 2023X — Blood in the tracks : the Minnesota musicians behind Dylan's masterpiece / Paul Metsa and Rick Shefchik.
  • ML420 .J113 C53 2022X — Dilla time : the life and afterlife of J Dilla, the hip-hop producer who reinvented rhythm / Dan Charnas ; with musical analysis by Jeff Peretz.
  • ML420 .M37 A3 2023X — The music of my life : finding my way after my mother's MS diagnosis / Steve McClain.
  • ML422 .F535 F54 2023X — Going back to T-town : the Ernie Fields territory big band / Carmen Fields.
  • ML1460 .C65 2023Y — Crooner : singing from the heart from Sinatra to Nas / Alex Coles.
  • ML1751 .S5 L94 2023X — Sing musicals : a history of Singapore musical theatre / Kenneth Lyen.
  • ML2054 .H47 2023X — Broadway decoded : musical theatre's forgotten references / Thomas S. Hischak.
  • ML3260 .P38 2022Y — Les Passions pyrénéennes chantées : Arette, Arbéost, Barèges / textes présentés, annotés et traduits par Maurice Romieu.
  • ML3680.7 .N67 R49 2022 — Tradit︠s︡ionnai︠a︡ svadʹba Russkogo Severa : muzyka v obri︠a︡dovom kontekste / E.B. Reznichenko.
  • ML3776 .E45 2023X — Time's echo : the Second World War, the Holocaust, and the music of remembrance / Jeremy Eichler.
  • ML3790 .M668 2023X — Sounds Irish, acts global : explaining the success of Ireland's popular music industry / Michael Mary Murphy and Jim Rogers.
  • ML3916 .T48 2023X — Theology and protest music / edited by Jonathan H. Harwell, Heidi M. Altman ; foreword by Jason C. Bivins.
  • ML3917 .K45 S53 2023X — Composing aid : music, refugees, and humanitarian politics / Oliver Shao.
  • ML3917 .S62 P65 2023X — The land is sung : Zulu performances and the politics of place / Thomas M. Pooley.
  • MT140 .B433 2022 — Three Schenkerian-based studies of chamber works by Mendelssohn, Schumann, and Brahms / David Beach.

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  • CD 6611-6615 — Luisa Tetrazzini [sound recording] : the complete recordings, 1903-22.
  • CD 6710-6712 — Pièces pour piano [sound recording] / Erik Satie.
  • CD 6727 — The complete string quartets / Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • CD 6947-6948 — Walls of Akendora / Keiko Matsui.
  • CD 6964 — Stepchild / Steve Kirby and the Northern Prairie Jazz Collective.
  • CD 6990 — Because of Billie / Molly Johnson.
  • CD 6991 — Psychicemotus.
  • CD 6993 — KZ Musik. 5.
  • CD 6997 — La mer ; Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune ; Images. II, Ibéria / Claude Debussy.
  • CD 14804 — Sources/scènes [sound recording] / Denis Smalley.
  • CD 66492 — Virgo supercluster [sound recording].
  • CD 76300 — Early Italian cello concertos = Concertos italiens baroques our violoncelle.
  • CD 76462 — Metaphysics : the lost Atlantic album / Hasaan Ibn Ali.

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