Trial access to the Tom Lord Jazz Discography

Submitted by shawreb on Thu, 01/12/2023 - 08:12
Trevor Deck, Music & Film Collections Management Librarian

The University of Toronto Music Library has set up a trial for the online resource The Jazz Discography, founded by Tom Lord. The trial will remain open until January 31, 2023. Please take this opportunity to explore this excellent database and send any feedback you regarding your experience with this trial to

About the resource

"The Jazz Discography is the world’s largest and most complete source of information about jazz records and jazz recording sessions. Recording sessions are listed by bandleader name and presented in chronological order. Session details include the titles of each tune recorded plus the names of all supporting musicians and the instrument(s) they played. The date and location of each recording plus matrix and record company release numbers are also shown. 

"The Jazz Discography encompasses all genres of jazz so as to include sessions by musicians who record across the various jazz disciplines, from traditional to avant-garde, from bebop to fusion. A true 'general' jazz discography, it is the most complete catalog of recorded jazz ever published, presently covering over 450,000 jazz recordings released between 1896 and today. 

"The Jazz Discography is the only general jazz discography ever compiled in an electronic database. This has allowed data originally intended for publication in print to be adapted to CD-ROM format and for Internet access. Custom-designed for the specific requirements of jazz discography, the database enables ongoing updating with new and revised information." [From TJD description]

Accessing The Jazz Discography 

  1. Use the following link to access the Jazz Discography: You should then be redirected to the UTORid sign-in page. Enter your UTORid credentials then proceed to the database.  
  2. From the website home page, click on "TJD Online Sign In" link on the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
    Screenshot of TJD Online sign in link

Please note, access is currently limited to 2 simultaneous users. If you receive a message indicating that all seats are currently in use, please wait 5 minutes and then try again.

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