Margarete von Vaight

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Your Career in Music: A Case study on the Fundamental Principles of Employment Post Undergraduate Studies

Since 2008, the economic climate has forced performance-based organizations to re-assess their strategic objectives. This business case study identifies the current issues in employment, challenges common assumptions, and relays educational truths for student and academia. The data retrieved is drawn from publications and international practitioners within the professional world, i.e. Conductors, Directors, Voice Teachers, Choral/ Chorus Conductors, Acquisition Agents, and academic experts. My research includes concrete metrics collected from publications and academic institutions nation and state wide, illustrating the affects of an academic recession or cancellation of certain programs adversely impacting mandatory performance skills, i.e. choral programs, conducting, and stage movement. This business case study research project is not meant to offer a direct solution, but rather, a pan-optic view of defining the issues with the purpose of prompting discussion between performers and academia, which can realign with the current demands of the professional hiring body.