Canadian Vaudeville – Past and Present

The subject of the research project would be the exploration of the genre of early 20th-century, Canadian vaudeville and light comic opera music. Though there have been efforts to promote more Canadian… read more

The Toccata of Terror

I examine the contemporary coding of classical music as a signifier of evil in Western media culture.  Specifically, I survey the use of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor within twentieth-century horror cinema,… read more

The Benefits of Music Training on Motor Learning and Neuroplasticity

The frequency of the Val66Met polymorphism in a sample of musicians compared to the general population Project summary: The Val66Met polymorphism is a common single… read more

Smetana and his Bartered Bride: Nationalism in 19th-Century Opera

For my major essay in 'Historical Survey II', I am taking a look at Bedrich Smetana's opera, "The Bartered Bride" in its historical context. During the 19th century there was a… read more

Promoting the Study and Performance of Canadian Wind Band Music in Canadian Schools

In contrast to the vast number of professional orchestras, wind bands exist primarily in educational institutions. Despite the widespread presence of wind… read more

Menotti Meeting Millennials

The collaborative research project supervised by Dr. Caryl Clark began with the World of Opera course where students were required to view a University of Toronto production of Menotti’s double bill operas The… read more

Cardiac Response to Musical Performance: Flowing with Rhythm

In July 2017, I conducted an experiment at the Faculty of Music to explore the relationship between expressive piano performance and heart rate variability (HRV). HRV is a measure… read more

Your Career in Music: A Case study on the Fundamental Principles of Employment Post Undergraduate Studies

Since 2008, the economic climate has forced performance-based organizations to re-assess their strategic objectives. This business case… read more

Palestrina Meets Bartók? A Modal Counterpoint Approach to Analyzing the First Movement of Béla Bartók’s String Quartet no. 1

I have discovered that an effective method for interpreting the harmony in the fugato at the beginning of the quartet… read more

Michael Jackson: Talent that Superseded Controversies

Michael Jackson was one of the most prominent North American musicians who paved the road for modern popular music, despite the controversies about his publicized personal life. Through… read more