The Music Library is Re-Opening September 8th!

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Janneka Guise, Director, Music Library

I am delighted to welcome you back to the Music Library this September! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, library services look a little different this Fall. Since the Edward Johnson Building is now locked with FOB access, only those with FOBs will be able to reach the Music Library. Those without FOBs may continue to use our curbside service. This short video gives an overview of our library services, and please read below for more details on what to expect. I welcome your feedback as the semester gets started.

Warm regards,
Janneka Guise
Director, Music Library

10 Things You Need to Know

Q: Can I come study or use a computer in the library?

A: Yes, by appointment only.

We have a limited number of physically distanced study spaces and computers on the main floor of the library. You may book a space for a 2-hr block up to 7 days in advance. Look for the “Book a Study Space in the Library” link on the Music Library website.

Remember to bring your own headphones and wear your mask.

Q: Do I have to wear a mask in the Music Library?

A: Yes

It is University of Toronto policy to wear masks indoors in all common spaces, like libraries. Your mask protects our Library staff and those studying around you.

Q: When is the music library open? Are there any other libraries I can use after hours?

A: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

We have limited staff on-site, and we hope these hours will give you the opportunity to pick up your curbside requests and work on your online classes in between in-person classes and lessons. The Robarts and Gerstein Libraries also have study and computer spaces available. For all library services and operations, see the UTL COVID-19 update.

Q: How can I get help using the library?

A: There are MANY ways we can help you!

Whether you need help finding repertoire, finding research for an essay, or figuring out curbside pick-up, we can help!

Our People: This page lists all our staff and their contact information

Ask Chat iconAskChat: This is an instant messaging service staffed by librarians across Ontario. Although they may not be music librarians, they will get you started on the right path.

Virtual Help Desk: This is a Zoom chat room staffed by our Music Library team. Drop in to ask for help or just say hello!


Book A Research Consultation: Working on a research paper? Trying to find new rep for your lesson? Book a 30 min. appointment with our experienced staff.


Q: Can I get my own books or scores from the stacks?

A: No, please do not go into the stacks.

There are two reasons the stacks are off-limits to visitors. 1) Any item that is touched by a visitor would have to be quarantined for four days prior to re-shelving. 2) We have a continuing agreement with the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service, a collection of millions of e-books available to you during the pandemic. In order to honour this agreement, we cannot allow visitors access to any of the materials available in HathiTrust.

Q: So…how do I get music library books, scores, or CDs?

A: Use our Curbside Pick-Up service

Find the books, scores, journals, or CDs you need in the library catalogue, and click each item’s “Get Help” icon (see example below). Follow the prompts to place your requests. You’ll receive an e-mail notice when your items are ready for pick-up. Since the Edward Johnson Building is now FOB access, only those with a FOB (music students, faculty and staff) can pick up their materials at the entrance to the Music Library. Those without FOBs may pick up music library items at Robarts Library.

Screenshot of library catalogue

Q: Can I use the photocopier and printer?

A: You may use the printer, but the photocopier room is off limits due to physical distancing requirements.

Q: Can I return my books?

A: Yes! Use the book return bin (upstairs by the elevator) or the book return slot (in the service desk)

We quarantine returned items for 4 days prior to re-shelving them, based on public health guidelines and University of Toronto policy.

Q: Do you have headphones I can borrow?

A: No, please remember to bring your own headphones.

Headphones are difficult to sanitize properly in between uses.

Q: Where are all the library staff?

A: Most of the staff are working from home.

We have a limited number of staff on-site, working in small teams to minimize their contact with each other. The rest of the staff are working from home. You can contact them for instant help or book an appointment for a longer help session.

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