The Need for Cosmopolitanism In the Ontario 1-8 Arts (Music) Curriculum

Cosmopolitanism has recently been heavily discussed in educational contexts. The definition of cosmopolitanism is not concrete, and there are many different typologies… read more

The Revolution of Beethoven's Cello Sonatas

For this research showcase, I intend on showcasing my research on the five Beethoven Cello Sonatas. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to write two major papers on these cello sonatas… read more

Monophonic Chant, Neume, and Contemporary Composition

I have been researching neume, also understood as square notation, to inform my compositions and the manner in which they are presented so to yield different results in interpretation of… read more

work, play, affect, praxis

My proposal is an ethnographic and cultural analysis of Remy Siu’s Foxconn Frequency (No.3): For Three Visibly Chinese Performers. The piece centres around three pianists who work through a series of tests based on… read more

Web of Healing 

My initial project was this: to discover experientially the healing power of
music. This led me on a various paths discovering revelations of music and memory, Mind and body connections, the spiritual aspect of being… read more

Saints and Whores: The Birth of the Professional Female Singer in Sixteenth-Century

This project was my final research paper for Topics in Renaissance music. In it, I take a look at the society of Ferrara during the Renaissance period and… read more

Reviving Music and Myth: Neoclassical Aesthetics in Stravinsky's 'Orpheus'

Stravinsky's ballet 'Orpheus' (1948) is left almost completely unaddressed despite extensive scholarship on the composer's career. In this production, the choice… read more

Synthetic Superstar: Hatsune Miku and Her Quest for Humanity
Project summary: My research was undertaken preparing a paper for Prof. Hemmasi's current topics in ethnomusicology course. I explore the parallelism between the body and voice of Hatsune… read more

Our 2019 Showcase was a terrific success! Thank you to all of this years participants for displaying your incredible work. The lightning talks and research posters were a testament to the quality and breadth of research being done by our undergraduate… read more

During the Great War (1914-1918), Canada experienced a boom in sheet music production to aid the war effort. This project proposes to examine the sheet music and cover art that widely depicted static traditional roles of wife and family that remained… read more