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Author: Tegan Niziol, Graduate Student Library Assistant (GSLA)
22 Oct, 2020

Did you miss all the great costumes at last year’s Halloween “Frankenstein!!” concert or Barbara Hannigan’s master class with the Contemporary Music Ensemble? Are you a former student reminiscing about your performances at the Faculty of Music in the… read more

Bertie Aiken-Green
Author: Rebecca Shaw, Music Archivist
25 Jun, 2020

Although there were some efforts in the early 1800s to publish sheet music in Canada, the sheet music publishing industry did not take off until the 1840s. Early Canadian music publishers, including A. & S. Nordheimer (established in Kingston in… read more

Mirador viewer image
Author: Rebecca Shaw, Music Archivist
13 Apr, 2020

The mission of the Internet Archive is to provide “universal access to all knowledge.” While such an ambitious goal has yet to be achieved, the archive remains a rich source of material. In their… read more

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